Domestic Development Board vendors and evaluation board

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Author: wogoyixikexie @ gliet

Reference the reply from alldying on the 4th floor:
Thank you for your reply.

I didn't make it clear above. I want to develop BSP and driver.

The above hzdysymbol said that gooogleman is clear, so please recommend gooogleman a board with better cost performance. Continue to welcome other brothers to introduce their advantages and disadvantages based on their own experiences. Thank you!

It's better to use Samsung 2440 because a friend has developed this model and is familiar with it. It's more convenient to ask him a question. Thank you!

Well, I just want to write a blog, so that someone may ask me for a long time.

Domestic Development Board vendors and evaluation board
-- Recently, it was very friendly and popular, mainly because he sold very cheaply. To be honest, the quality is really poor. Now, netizens complain frequently that the price is not good.
I think the reasons are as follows: (1) the quality of the friendly board is unstable. When downloading NK, it often crashes or blue screen. Some netizens say that the dm9000 driver of mini2440
There is a problem. After buying it, I am depressed. (2) BSP is 4.2. This 4.2 version of BSP has many running problems in wince5.0, which directly affects
To the DIY activity upgraded to wince6.0, We have to re-learn about the BSP architecture (I just went through this process)
(3) friendly and self-built a bootloader (in fact, there is no technical content), but he actually treats it as a baby, not open source, which leads to learning
Beginners who are driving development are very depressed. You know, the best entry point for learning to drive is bootloader. So I think if you want to learn the driver and
There are ample economic conditions. If you have never been familiar with the development of Wince drivers before, never buy friendly boards. You can
Buy your own to re-port BSP and bootloader (in fact, it is not difficult, but it is a little scary for beginners ). (4) Only a serial port is provided for you.
Come out-in order to be able to use the application to develop a serial port, the friendly user can only block the debugging serial port, and a bunch of new Gg don't know why: Why is my serial port in
After bootloader, no information is output? Haha, it's friendly. Let's make all the interfaces. The price is low, and the quality is also comparable to that on the "Shenzhou" Development Board

Li yutai
-- Our company has bought two pieces. I think the workmanship is good. The quality of BSP is good, but it is a little expensive. I am really reluctant to buy it.
It's 2440 bsp5.0. The documentation is also doing well, using eboot from Samsung, but the code downloaded from USB is also treated as baby and is not open source.

-- A new board dealer, I also met a guy on csdn, only to know this. Later I went to its forum to see it. I think many people have reflected that there are many
Bug, but at the beginning of their development, they are still more authentic, and the service is estimated to be more sincere. The price seems expensive, and it is not recommended.

-- Although bootloader has completed most of the work in Samsung, it is undeniable that it is completely open and only exclusive to youlong that supports USB download.
In addition, youlong bootloader is written by ads, debugging and learning are very convenient. I think youlong's board is worth recommending-although the price is expensive, the document
But this bootloader is very helpful for learning the driver.

In fact, there are still many board vendors in China, such as yangchuang, but I don't think so. Let's introduce these representative vendors. Don't be annoyed if you ask the Board vendors to read it.
Because what is made and the services provided are evaluated by others.

Reprinted please indicate: The author wogoyixikexie @ gliet. Guilin University of Electronic Science and Technology Department 1 Association of Science and Technology, original address: Workshop.

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