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Application background

Users can use POP3 clients (such as Foxmail and outlook) to receive emails, or use web methods (such as iNotes/DWA) to access their mailboxes, the SMTP function in mail is separated from the mail master server to improve stability and security.

required conditions
  • Internet IP address
  • Internet domain name
  • the Internet domain name MX points to the Internet IP address's aname
  • Internet ip nat mail server
  • one server (connected to the Internet)
  • required port:
optional mail server services
  • iNotes: HTTP/HTTPS
  • use outlook to send and receive mails: POP3/SMTP. Optional. imap
  • easy deployment
  • low maintenance workload


  • single point
  • low anti-spam policies
  • SMTP is secure and vulnerable to attacks
  • applicable to: <= 1000 users with low requirements on server security and stability

Note: This article aims to use a machine to configure Domino to send and receive Internet Mail, do not involve Domino installation configuration, such problems refer to:

In this case, it is complicated, but enterprises often put forward such requirements. There are two ways to restrict spam in Domino Configuration:

    • The Administrator often observes the mail in the mail. Box of the mail queue, records the source or target address of the spam, and adds the address to the following two domain of the server configuration document, for example:

The first is the target address limit, and the second is the source address limit.

Although this method is relatively passive, it is simple and practical, so many users use it.Generally, the default value * is used to prevent all spam mails from being sent to the specified domain.

    • By setting up two servers, one server processes all enterprise users' email requests (receive and send), the other server receives Internet mails, and internal users forward mails. The configuration process is described in detail below because the configuration is complex.This method is recommended for security and stability during deployment.The network diagram above.
    • Mail/Acme and SMTP/Acme are two servers in the same notes network domain. They share a public address book and belong to the same notes naming network.
    • Mail/Acme is a service for all internal users. This server is used for sending and receiving mails. You can directly use the domain name or IP address of the server when configuring SMTP and POP3 servers. Mail/Acme requires SMTP User Name/password verification.
    • The role of SMTP/Acme is:
      • Receive emails sent from other Internet SMTP servers to the system ( and forward them to mailsvr/Acme.
      • Emails sent by users to the Internet are forwarded by mail/acme to SMTP/Acme, and then sent by SMTP/acme to the Internet.
      • SMTP/Acme does not perform SMTP forwarding.
    • The MX record of in DNS directs to SMTP/Acme
1. Modify the mail/Acme server document

Enable the SMTP task and set the server's fully qualified host name. If the Organization's email system only has a unique domain name, you do not need to set a global network domain document. The domain name of the email system can be determined through the server's fully qualified host name. The server's fully qualified host name is: server name. domain name, such as For example:

The SMTP port is required for user password verification and anonymous access is disabled. In this way, only users with the correct password can access the SMTP server, such:

2. Add/modify the mail/Acme configuration document

In the configuration documentVro/SMTPTabBasicIn the topic, SetSMTP used to send messages outside the local Internet DomainProject isDisable. Mail/Acme does not directly send Internet mail. All outgoing mails are sent to SMTP/Acme through the notes protocol, and then transferred from SMTP/Acme. DefaultNumber of mailboxesIs3

3. Create a connection document

To ensure data synchronization between servers in the address book, create a connection document for mail/Acme and SMTP/Acme, such:

Others are the default values. Create SMTP/acme to mail/Acme connection document in the same way Note: The basic network address should use domain name resolution whenever possible to ensure that the address book does not need to be modified during server migration in the future; when a replication task is enabled, it determines the server to which the replication task is initiated based on the server's busy schedule.

4. Modify the SMTP/Acme server document

Enable the SMTP task and set the server's fully qualified host name. If the Organization's email system only has a unique domain name, you do not need to set a global network domain document. The domain name of the email system can be determined through the server's fully qualified host name. The server's fully qualified host name is: server name. domain name, for example, The method is the same as modifying the mail/Acme server document.

The SMTP port is required to disable user password verification and enable Anonymous Access. In this way, the SMTP server on the internet can ship the mail to this server.

5. Add/modify SMTP/Acme configuration documents

In the "Basic" section of the "vro/SMTP" tab of the configuration document, SetSMTP used to send messages outside the local Internet DomainProject isEnable. SMTP/Acme directly sends Internet mail. DefaultNumber of mailboxesIs3Such:

Restrict all intermediate emails (spam). The SMTP/Acme server does not perform any intermediate tasks. We use two "*" numbers to restrict the target and source addresses. You can specify one of them in actual operations. However, I recommend that you specify all the rules. The rules can be strict but cannot be loose, for example:

Note: If the SMTP/Acme server does not directly send emails to the Internet or the SMTP/Acme server cannot directly connect to the Internet, an SMTP server is required to forward emails. In this case, you need to modify the configuration document, for example:

6. Global network domain document settings

The global network domain is a document that converts the format of the Notes user's email address to the Internet mail address when a domino user sends an email to the Internet. The network domain documentation and settings are as follows:

The network domain type must beGlobal Network domain

Local Internet Domain: is the main domain name of the Internet enabled. If there are multiple domain names, enter these domain names inAlternate Internet Domain alias.Semicolon.

7. external network domain settings External network domain documentation It is not required on a single mail server. However, if you deploy multiple email environments, This is an essential option if you want to control routes and determine route lines. Create External SMTP network domain Documentation. Internet Domain It refers to the destination address, indicating the target address of the mail using another SMTP network domain. For example Routing Network domain name in the tag: TheInternet is the virtual network domain name Such: 8. Create a connection document to the Internet SMTP

Create a connection document for SMTP/acme to theInternet, such:

    • Connection Type: SMTP
    • Source server: Mail/Acme
    • Target Server: all_internet_host (Virtual name)
    • Target Domain: theInternet (network domain name defined in the external network domain)
So far, the configuration of multiple out-of-box mails in Domino has been completed. I 'd like to explain in detail how to diagnose the error.

9. Many people do not know how the mail works by specifying your MX record. They always think that you can send and receive Internet mail by configuring Domino. Remember: Domino configuration can only send emails to the Internet. To receive emails sent from the Internet to Domino, you need to direct the MX record of your enabled domain name to your configured Domino server, for multiple configurations, specify the Domino server with the anonymous SMTP service. If a anti-spam gateway is deployed in front of Domino, You need to point MX to the anti-spam gateway. In anti-spam gateway settings, transfer the mail to your configured Domino server. I don't know what an MX record is. please google it. If you do not understand the mail principles, you may encounter various problems arising from the deployment and operation of the mail.

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