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Don't know

Wu Yu

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I once said: Don't know, don't be a gentleman?

I remember when I went to junior high school, the teacher explained: if a person does not know, he is not angry. Isn't he also a gentleman's behavior?

It should be said that this explanation seems to pass through. If someone else does not know it, no, it is normal and there is nothing to be angry.But the problem is that there is nothing to be angry with. No one knows anything.Unless those things are something that the person should know and must know, but every time I should know things and should know things, the general teachers will not be happy, even if not angry, it will also be disappointing. Therefore, it seems reasonable. I think it is far-fetched.


Two days ago, I saw this famous saying from my husband and suddenly realized the problem. Just as I used to explain "learning and learning", when I was studying, I interpreted it as "reviewing and reviewing" (I really don't want to understand what can be fun with reviewing and reviewing ), the current textbooks are interpreted as "exercises and practices ". The new explanation makes me feel very reasonable, because I am very happy to apply the new knowledge I have learned to practice and improve the quality and efficiency of my life and work!

In ancient Chinese, "Zhi" and "Zhi" are completely false. In ancient Chinese, it may be today's "Zhi ", it may also be today's "intelligence". The specific one depends on the context. In the phrase "People do not know", I think it should be"Unintelligent". It means,If you encounter a person who is not very intelligent or even stupid, you may not understand it in any case. If you can still treat each other with a pleasant face at this time, it is really a gentleman!

As a matter of fact, the old man is not so ambitious to publicize his own ideas throughout his life. It can be seen that there must be more people who think that others do not understand him. In the face of such a large crowd, there is no good way to understand his own ideas.

Of course, the above is just a guess about why the old man thinks that "people are not wise and don't worry.

I have another guess. I think he received a lot of students. People with some life experiences know that, in fact, the differences between the same group of people are sometimes very large. Some students are easy to understand. Another type of students is very slow. Maybe the teacher has been talking about it for a long time, but he still doesn't understand it. When encountering such a student, the teachers will inevitably feel "stupid ".

The difference in the realm of life is now apparent.If you encounter a student that makes you feel "stupid as a pig", you will be tortured to death, but he still does not understand it. At this time, you can still "don't worry ", it's really a gentleman.


(Wife) Zi Yue: This fart is reasonable!

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