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I'm afraid I don't know, I don't know--js escape problem

-angle, but has failed! get long time, just solve the problem. The process of solving is actually very wonderful, when I see the mybatis XML inside the think, why did you get long time to solve the problem? or oneself JS This together of knowledge is deficient ah. Below, put out the code, give everyone a tan: $ (function () {$ ("form:input.required"). each (function () {var $required = $ (" As above code:

JS essay (You don't know the JS)

function that is currently executing(2) Bind rule //find the call location and determine which binding rule is used The default binding. The most common method of invocation, directly calling without any adornmentsAlthough the binding rule of this is entirely dependent on the call location, the default binding is bound to the global object only if it is run under non-strict mode, regardless of where the call to Foo () is, and this is bound to undefined Implicit binding. Whether the

You don ' t know JS reading notes (one)

ObjectiveHere is a record of their own reading you don ' t know JS series of some experience, but also JavaScript a summary of their knowledge of it. High-Energy warning: the article is longer and trivial, please bring your own bench melon seeds ~Types (Type) Variables don ' t has types, but the values of them

Reading notes-"you Don t Know JS"

Part One: "You don t know Js:this Object Prototype" Chapter III objectObject constantsvar myObject ="Favorite_number"false}) ;Prohibit object extensionvar myObject =2= 3// undefinedusing the Preventextensions method, you can prevent the object from expanding again. Object.seal (..)Preventextensions + Configurable:falseObject.freeze (..)s object.seal (..) + writable:falseObject default method [[Get]], [[PU

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Original address: Functional-light-js The original, Kyle Simpson-the author of You-dont-know-js Team of translators (in no particular order): Axi, Blueken, Brucecham, Cfanlife, Dail, KYOKO-DF, L3ve, Lilins, Littlepineapple, Matildajin, Holly, Pobusama, Cherry, radish, vavd317, Vivaxy, Meng Meng, Zhouyao About the translator:

You don ' t know JS--up &going notes

/loop Loop statement = + block (statement block) + Scope  We often need to group a series of statements together and which we often call a block.{ = a. = Amount; Console.log (amount);}This kind of standalone {:} general block was valid but was not commonly seen in Js programs. Typically, blocks is attached to some and other control statement, such as an if statement or a loop.ClosureYou can think of closure as a by-remember and continue to a

You don't know. js-Mixed Object-Class

1, the class is a design pattern, many languages provide for the class-oriented software design of the native syntax, JS also has a similar syntax, but it is completely different from the classes in other languages.2. Class means copy3. JS does not automatically create a copy of the object as if it were a class.4, in the case of inheritance or instantiation, JS o

Reading notes-You don't know the JS on-object

define keys with normal strings)You can use the point access and [] access keys, the main difference being that the point Access property name must satisfy the naming specification of the identifier, and [] can accept any form of string.There is another nuance: function fn (a) { //undefined //1 } var obj = { 1, } fn (' ab ');When accessing a property name as a parameter into a function, use [] access to get the result correctly.In an object, the property name

You don't know the front-end JS face question

add variable is already defined when the code is run.However, since the assignment statement executes only at run time, the value of sum defaults to undefined before the corresponding code executes.In the above example, the function expression will be an error.  The function declaration parser is first read and made available before any code is executed;For a function expression, you must wait until the parser executes to the line of code where it is located before it is actually parsed for exe

I don't know if I wrote the JS.

Recently in writing a small JS, think of n times, also changed n times, later do not know why, the effect on the realization, and then re-read the code, exclaimed: This is the original.So do you think this code is written by yourself?I think so, and I think it's not.The reason: The program itself is through their own continuous and slowly groping, from the wrong to come out;Not the reason: The program was n

I don't know how to pass the php array to js.

I don't know how to pass the php array to js lt ;? Php $ webdata [a] 111; $ webdata [B] 222; $ webdata [c] 333; $ webdata [d] 444; echo nbsp; $ webdata ;? Gt; lt; script nbsp; typetextjavascript gt; nbsp; do not know how to pass the php array to js $ Webdata [a] = '20140901 '; $ Webdata [B] = '20140901 '; $ Web

You don't know the front-end JS face question

for the concept of the prototype chain we usually call.According to the standard, __proto__ is not public, that is, a private property, but the engine of Firefox exposes him to become a common attribute, we can access and set up externally.The first piece of code is very simple, I believe everyone has written this, so let's see why Childfoo can access Foo's sayhi.First var childfoo=new foo (); Childfoo.__proto__=foo.prototype can be derived. So when we call Childfoo.sayhi (), there is no sayhi

I don't know how to pass the php array to js.

I don't know how to pass the php array to js lt ;? Php $ webdata [a] = '000000'; $ webdata [B] = '000000'; $ webdata [c] = '000000 '; $ webdata [d] = '000000'; echo nbsp; "$ webdata ";? Gt; lt; script nbsp; type = I don't know how to pass the php array to js $ Webdata [a] = '20140901 '; $ Webdata [B] = '20140901

You don't know. JS (2) in-depth knowledge of closures (very important)

implementation, the variables in the function are allocated on the heap rather than on the stack. The modern JS engine is of course quite cool, through the escape analysis can know what can be allocated on the stack, which needs to be allocated on the heap. That is, the variables used in closures are allocated in the heap and are not used to be allocated on the stack (for simple types) to facilitate recycl

You don't know the JS-object

is set.var myObject = { get a () { return 2; = 3; myobject.a; // 2Since we have only defined a getter, the set operation ignores the assignment operation and does not throw an error when setting the value of a.Even with a legitimate setter, the getter we define will only return 2. So the set operation has no meaning.10, the existence ofWe can judge whether this property exists in an object without accessing the value of the propertyvar myObject = { A:2};( in myObject); true in MyObject

I don't know how to pass the php array to js

I don't know how to pass the php array to js $ Webdata [a] = '20140901 '; $ Webdata [B] = '20140901 '; $ Webdata [c] = '20140901 '; $ Webdata [d] = '20140901 '; Echo "$ webdata "; ?>

Reading notes-You don't know the JS on-closures and modules

instance, you can remediate the module instances internally, including adding or removing properties.Modern modulesMost module-dependent loaders essentially encapsulate this module definition into a friendly API. //I can't read it for the time being. varmodule = (function() { varModules = {}; functiondefine (name, Deps, Impl) { for(vari = 0; i ) {Deps[i]=Modules[deps[i]]; } //Core Code //The wrapper function is introduced for the definition of the module

Javascript you don't know, okay, it's something I don't know.

it may conflict with regular expression literals. The array of JS can be accessed by a numeric subscript in the form of a string, because the elements of the array are actually properties of the array object. Delete can be used to remove elements from an array, but because an element is an attribute, delete leaves a "hole" in the array; using the splice method may be a better approach. For example, to delete the 3rd element of the ARR array, you c

Java String API-I don't know, I don't understand Java__java.

First, the prefaceIt is well known that no matter which programming language is used, there is always a lot of dealings with strings. If the right programming language is used in string processing, the API is full, it can save a lot of trouble. As for the current experience, Java is quite handy for string processing. This blog is mainly to give you a summary of Java, about string of those common APIs, in the future when you use, you can easily query. second, the common API Construction device

I don't know the code. I don't have a website. How can I become a Taobao customer?

I don't know the code. I don't have a website. How can I become a Taobao customer?Next I will give you a brief description based on the methods of other friends I have seen and the methods I have tried. You are welcome to add more good methods.1. Learn the basic code and develop a website based on your own ideas.I used this method, because I used to have

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