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We've learned a lot of DOS commands in class, but that's a small part of the class that will briefly describe some of the other commands.

First of all, in this section first recall the content of the class, do not learn to forget Ah, use a few times can remember. Well, let's get started, see how you're doing.

CD Change current directory sys make DOS system disk

Copy copy file del Delete file

deltree delete directory tree dir column file name

diskcopy disk Edit Text Edit

Format formatted disk MD to establish subdirectories

Mem View memory Status type display file contents

Rd Delete Directory ren change filename

Remember how many ah, forget to go to class to see, the following four commands are new, give the command format, you try to learn the computer is important is groping.

CLS Clear Screen

[Applicable occasions] the screen is too messy, or the screen is garbled, clear the screen display content but not
affect any information inside the computer

[Usage] CLS carriage return

Move file, change directory name

[Apply] Move files to a different directory

[Usage] move [filename] [directory] moving files to the new directory

Move [directory name] [directory name] Change directory name

[Example] C:\>move c:\autoexec.bat C:\old

Move the Autoexec.bat file to the old directory

C:\>move C:\Config.sys C:\temp

Move the Config.sys file to the old directory

More split-screen display

[Applicable occasions] when the output of a lot of a screen is not enough to use, almost all the commands, especially type
is useful when you wait for commands. When you use more, the disk cannot be write-protected, nor is it suitable for the optical drive.

[Usage] type [filename] | More split-screen display file contents

more < [filename] Split-screen display file contents

[Example] C:\>type msdos.w40 | More

xcopy Copy directories and files

[Where applicable] is useful for copying with subdirectories, when copying a large number of files than the copy command
It's going to be much quicker.

[Usage] xcopy [filename] [directory] Copy the specified file to the specified directory

xcopy [Source directory] [destination directory] to test the source directory to the destination directory

xcopy *.* [directory]/s to copy files and nonempty directories to a specified directory

Other common parameters are: V-copy after the check, will affect the speed
E is similar to S, but can be copied even if the subdirectory is empty.

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