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A sweet and beautiful collection of icons can perfectly present the best of designers. A powerful tool can save you a lot of time. As the saying goes: The best things are often free of charge. Therefore, it is used as an icon set. There are a lot of designers who are doing free production, and they are extremely creative in developing Web applications, Web pages, desktops, mobile phones, TV shopping icons, etc. In this article, I propose more than 50 best available icons for free downloads, some of which may be used anywhere;

Onibari + Onibari light icon package
The two desktop icons are released with the Creative Commons license. More icons.

Shopping Cart, basket icon

TV icon
Occasionally related TV blogs are perfect.

Apple Mail icon

Shopping Bag icon

Stick package
38 icons, 128x128, PNG, and PSD.

Feedicons 2
33 impressive icons for simple information aggregate feed. Released under the Creative Commons Attribution-deduction prohibited.

Ireland icon pack
26 Ireland icons, you can use some unique and beautiful icons to illuminate your blog.



The miyi base package contains 182 high-quality icons in PNG and PSD formats.

Ecqlipse 2

The feature icon has been fediaFedia part of the Omnimo 3 Rainmeter topic in the German computer magazine software set, 2010.12.06, 26th c't.

Container icon package
The container icon package contains 40 high-quality icons in PNG and ICO format. In this package, the goods, the recycle bin icon and. The Creator is Muhammad Gozetlik.

Loose icon set
Contains three formats of high-quality icons (ICO, consulting network and PNG) and six sizes, ranging from 16 to 512 pixels!

Circle topic icon
, A pretty 106 different rounded corner icon.

Platform curtain doors, including badges and badges of more than 500 famous brands of fortune 200 enterprises.

Red Moleskine notebook
The red Moleskine album is a beautiful icon in PNG format and with 16, 32, 64,128,256, and 512 pixel sets.

Credit card icon

Old school icon set
A set of 6 beautiful old ISH icons: typewriter, camera, radio, TV, Game Boy, and phone. PNG and ICO.

9. Beautiful and original icons (PNG and ICO) created by the talent meter Moshinsky.

10 hand-painted e-commerce icons


Build in Windows 7
A set of basic software and office icons.

Classic timer icon
A quality timer icon, transparent vector format, with different sizes.

Icons without column names
, It is a vintage icon, ICO and PNG (TV, NES, printing, Nutrition Absorption box, Serda box, Serda game, desktop, 1UP, Magic Bucket ).

Jeans feed icon
Fashion denim pocket feed icon.

Cemagraphics icon
PNG of various beautiful icons.

Use icons in the list to make them more attractive in your Web application.

Social media Handycons
Handycons is a hand-drawn 12 social media icon. All Icons can be in four types: 16, 24, 32, and 48 pixels.

Canon 400D + lens 17-85mm
Two icons are set: Camera and lens. Refer to the IContainer, ICNS, PNG and ICO formats in 512 and 16 pixels.

A stylish icon to match almost any theme. This icon package contains over 100 icons.

E-commerce icon
You can use a huge number of online stores.

Function icon set
Beautiful and useful 128 icons, available in 48x48 pixels.

Primary school icon
Small Web development icons.

Human 02
Here is a good multi-purpose icon for setting your enterprise website.

32px crazy icon set
A series of other small icons can be added to any site design.

Business icon
And the Web 2.0 icon.

Close friend icon set
This is the final collection of high-quality high-tech icons. You can find everything from iPods to digital cameras.

How does your business navigation system work with GPS and processing? Then, this is the icon set for you.

Black neighborhood icon
A unique icon set is ideal for darker website designs.

Credit card icon
15 beautiful credit card icons in AI and EPS format. There are no more credit card icons.

Antique icon
Antique PNG, ICNS, and ICO icons, from 16x16 256x256 pixels ,.

Handmade Food and Beverage icons
Set 17 manually drawn icons to create Victor amadedis.

Social media mini Iconpack
This icon set consists of 30 finely crafted social media icons in a size of 16x16 pixels.

Black Pearl
PNG in 256 * 256px. It shall not be used for commercial purposes. 39. PNG of the Black Pearl file, which contains almost all popular file formats.

Mantos smiley face icon set
Manto, an emojis designer from China's 20 s.

The emoticons of WordPress icons.

Green and Blue icon settings
The five icons are in the PNG format of 128x128 pixels. This icon represents the gallery, download, emoticon, calendar, and folder.

Airport Express Line
Download IContainer, PNG, and PSD formats. This icons for personal use only.

HP Dock icon settings
1024px, 512px, 256px. All file types. Png.

Charming 3rd-part icons
The size of 16, 32, 48, 64, and 128 pixels is 50 high quality icons and is in 32-bit transparent PNG format.

Email me
Icons. These icons are free for personal use and can be at 32, 48, 64, or 128 pixels.

Beautiful, different daily use object realistic icons. These are free for non-commercial purposes.

Music icon
Beautiful icon instrument. The icon is absolutely free for any purpose.

Smooth XP: Basic icons
A set of 50 icon shares in PNG and ICO format.

Social icon settings
A beautiful social icon PNG format and size of 16, 32 and 64 pixels.

Grand Prix icon
Set the PNG icon of 23 for different software products.

Something icon in banking
For non-commercial purposes, the bank-related icons are 32, 48, 64,128, and 256 pixels.

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