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RealPlayer's Web downloads and recordings feature identifies embedded video on sites such as YouTube, MySpace, six rooms, Tudou or TV stations. The download button appears next to each available video. Use this button to quickly download the video and save the video directly to the Media Library download and record category for viewing whenever you are online or offline.

Whenever you start a download (for example, 2 seconds, half of the time, or even after you reach the end), RealPlayer will record the entire video. The download will take place in a standalone window, and you do not need to manage or monitor this process.

You can repeat this process to quickly and successfully download multiple videos at the same time. When the video is set to run in the background in the background, there is usually no visual indication of what is being done. During background processing, the user can continue to perform normal operations. Download, you can also perform other actions on the RealPlayer or elsewhere in the computer.

This functionality can be implemented through a Web browser even if RealPlayer is not currently running (it is recommended that you use a RealPlayer browser, some modified browsers will invalidate this feature).

Download and record Web videos to my Media Library

1, when you view the video on the site, download this video button will appear in the top right side of the video:

By default, this button appears 7 seconds before the page loads and when the cursor hovers over the video display. To change this default setting, open your preferences: Download and record.

2, click the button to start downloading the video.

3. The download and Record Manager standalone window will open. You can use this window to monitor, pause, or stop the download process, but you can also ignore this window when downloading video. Because the download and record manager is processing downloads, you may want to close the page or move to another video or Web site.

4. If you want to download multiple videos at the same time, you can repeat steps 1 and 2 for other videos while downloading the first video.

5. RealPlayer saves these videos to the Media Library under download and recording. (To change this default location, open your preferences: Download and record.) )

Because the downloaded video is saved in the Media Library, you can treat these videos as any other media in the album. You can play and rename these videos at any time, add your own ratings or other information, create a video playlist, and burn them to a CD or DVD.

What is the resolution and sound quality of the recording?

RealPlayer downloads will keep as much quality level as the original viewing content on the Web. In some cases, the content of the signal stream is converted to a slightly lower-quality realvideo to allow capturing the recorded signal stream.

Can all videos be recorded?

RealPlayer supports all major video types, including RealMedia, Windows Media, Flash, QuickTime, and MP3. However, the owner has applied DRM Digital rights Management to it-the publisher or copyright owner is used to restrict access or use of digital data or hardware technology or restrictions. or other content protection system video cannot be recorded.

If RealPlayer detects that the video is not recordable, downloading this video button will not be available.

About Code Conversions

Audio and video media can be used in a variety of file types, as can be seen from the file name extension, for example. Wmv. AVI and so on. In order to download and record different file types, RealPlayer may want to convert the media file-that is, digitally convert a file from one type to another. In media technology, code conversion is a common way to convert files.

For example, RealPlayer transcoding converts WMV and QuickTime video to RealVideo during the recording process.

For live signal streaming media, RealPlayer will always make code conversion to live signal stream in real time. On-Demand media files can be converted or retained in their source format, depending on the type of file involved.

The code-converted file appears in my Media Library with the extension. IVR (Internet video recording). For audio or video file types, the extension is the same.

You can adjust your decoding preferences at the following locations: Preferences: Downloading and recording. Click the Advanced setting to open a dialog box where you can adjust the quality of the video that is being downloaded.

Does downloading content locally eliminate the occasional buffer generated by streaming video?

Can be eliminated, first download the video, and then play in the RealPlayer, one of the benefits is to eliminate the often generated buffering and stagnation.

If the download fails

If the download fails, RealPlayer typically displays a message stating the cause of the failure.

If the content is DRM-protected, you will receive a message stating that the content owner is not allowed to record.

If the download times out, a retry button appears on the download and record manager.

If you fail repeatedly, or if the download button does not appear, there is a rare case where the download and recording feature is incompatible with a particular Web site or file.

Turn this feature on or off

The Web downloads and recordings feature is typically enabled when RealPlayer is first installed. If it is not enabled and you want to enable it now, open your preferences: Download and record. Similarly, you can use these preference settings to disable this feature.

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