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This nine-cell grid painting tool (draw9patch. bat) allows you to easily create a nine-cell NinePatch chart using a WYSIWYG editor.

For more information about how Gangu Images and how they work, see the relevant chapter on the Ninepatch Images topic of Gangu Images.

The following is a convenient guide. You need to create a PNG image.

1. Start the draw9patch application from a terminal (such as a windows browser) in your SDK/tools directory.

2. Drag your PNG image to the window of this tool (or useFile->Open 9-patch...To locate the file ). Your workbench will be opened.

The left pane is your painting area, where you can edit extensible Palace and content areas. The right pane is the preview area where you can preview the stretch of the image.

3. click in the circumference of one pixel and draw a line to define the area that can extend the lattice and (optional) the content area. Right-click (or on the Apple machine, hold down Shift and click) to cancel the previously drawn line.

4. SelectFile>Save 9-patch...

Your image will be saved as a. 9.png file name.

Note: When processing an image, make sure that there are black spots on the four sides of the image, which can be a pixel black spot or multiple, depending on your situation, otherwise, an error occurs in Eclipse.

Note::When a common PNG file (*. png) is loaded, it is added around the image with an empty single-pixel boundary. You can draw an extended area of the palace and content area in it. A previously saved nine cells file (* .9.png) will be loaded as is, because this already exists.

Optional controls include:

·ZoomZoom: Resize the image

·Gongge RatioPatch scale: Adjust the proportion of images in the preview View

·Show locked areaShow lock: Displays a non-printable area when you move the cursor over the area.

·Display CellsShow patches: Preview the extended cells in this drawing area (pink represents an extended cell ).

·Display contentShow content: Highlighted area (purple) in the preview view ).

·Show bad cellsShow bad patches: Add a red border around the gongge area, which may produce manual traces when the image is extended. If you eliminate all bad cells, the visual consistency of the extended view will be maintained.


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