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Css3 creates a polygon clip attribute, which can be used to draw irregular images. css3clip attribute is used to draw

Css3 creates a polygon clip attribute, which can be used to draw irregular images. css3clip attribute is used to draw .path1 { clip-path: polygon(5px 10px, 16px 3px, 16px 17px);}.path2 { clip-path: polygon(3px 5px, 17px 5px, 10px 16px);}.path3

The usage of Background-clip and background-origin in CSS3 attribute

Where is the confusion?Background-clip and Background-origin are the two attributes associated with the element background introduced in CSS3, which have the same optional values, namely border, padding, content three, And both of these properties

CSS | Irregular picture Clip-path__web

"I'm going to start with the wind, to transform the web, to stimulate the image market, to improve the code, the Jade tree, the style of the CSS expert, my name is shear path, English name Clip-path." --preface, from the "tricky expert" Body Say our

Explain the usage of background-clip and background-origin in css3 attributes

Where are puzzles? Background-clip and background-origin are two attributes introduced in css3 related to the element background. They have the same optional values, namely, border, padding, and content, the two attributes indicate the relationship

Crop a region image using the clip () method in HTML5CanvasAPI _ html5 tutorial tips-

This article describes how to crop a region image using the clip () method in HTML5CanvasAPI. Pay special attention to the use of the save () and restore () methods, for more information about how to use Canvas to draw images, we often want to

PS Draw a pink swallow tail clip

Really a long time did not do something, a while ago to see the big God of Gray Day, a copy of a, and then looked at the computer keyboard on the dust of a touch of pink, it is awakened to do things desire it, then looked at the beginning to do,

[CSS Syntax]clip-path

Clip-path represents the clipping path, which is the clipping of a piece of content from an object. For example, in the picture, cut some of the areas that need to be left.Here are two concepts: clipping path clipping path, clipping area clipping

Difference between background-origin and background-clip in CSS3

Background-origin: to determine howbackground-positionOf a background in a certain box is calculated. Background-clip: to determine whether the backgrounds extends into the border or not. In other words, it is actually: Background-origin:

Background of CSS3 background-size Background-origin Background-clip

"One" background-size specifies the size of the background image div {background : url (bg _flower.gif) ; -moz-background-size : 63px 100px ; /* */ background-size : 63px 100px ; background-repeat : no-repeat ;} div {

Flash fun Mouse effect big battle

Mouse | Effects from a very early version, using Flash can make a lot of interesting mouse effects, let's revisit, make a few interesting mouse effects.    first, the realization principle In fact, the principle of mouse effects are the same,

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