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The so-called standard field in program development is a formidable swamp, full of not-to-play draft revisions, the user's needs are changing rapidly, and programmers have to keep pace with the times, with the fastest pace. But the reality is cruel, the idea can always keep up with, the progress is not controllable, anytime and anywhere challenges, programmers every day to contend with these issues, the challenge is constantly testing their enthusiasm, once the enthusiasm of the recession, product updates with the trend of the times, the formation of vicious, a step can not keep up with, step by step. And as far as I am concerned, the foundation of a freshman sophomore did not hit Labor, junior met everywhere on the machine experiment, everywhere is a loophole, to spend more time to make up for the first two years ignorant and ignorant, this process is the most annoying. Finally finish reading this book on time, and did not put it in each of the ruminate place to say everything, just let me think of a few places single to take out to say how their feelings, really help me a lot of it, let me more in-depth understanding of the programming and corporate development culture, I think this will help me in the future work.

Dream Break Code back segment

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