Drop a taxi how to spell car drop spell car Quick Carpool Introduction

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Choose your location and click on the car to carpool immediately. Waiting for the owner's contact, the owner of the successful receipt can be paid through micro-letter.

The drop of a taxi did not respond to the contents of the two screenshots. But indeed there are people who understand the situation, drop of the car business is in the brewing, but the last name should not be called "carpool."

The former Minister of Transport, Yang, also said publicly that the car-pooling market deserves support. For car owners, a person sitting in a car waste, for passengers without cars, and people carpool is a great convenience.

And there are drops of internal product personnel revealed that the carpool function should be launched in the next few weeks, the company will be in the future, the internal is ready to invest hundreds of millions of of the funds to do subsidies and marketing, hope to soon open the situation.

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