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Application level attempt for the spell checker feature in Solr's Getting Started SOLR

Today, we collected some information about the spelling checker and tried to use the spelling checker.--= encountered a lot of problemsFour configurations for spell checking now I'm just a success, half of it.---------------------------------The

(2) Response flow--response spring's DAO spell device

This series of articles index: "Response Spring's word Wizard".Previously summary: What is responsive programming1.2 Response FlowLeft a hole in the previous section-why not use Java stream for data flow? The reason for this is that it has

The disadvantage of object-oriented

Invalid SLinks: downside is that no one remembers what the object-oriented problem was.1, object-oriented what to solve (or what good characteristics)It seems simple, but it's really not

Chrome extension Development Four--the implementation of core functions

Directory: 0.0--Overview of the Chrome extension development (Gmail Accessory Management Assistant) series 1.One of the chrome extensions development--chrome Extended file Structure 2.Chrome Extensions development of the--chrome

Chrome extension recommendations for team members

ArticleDirectory It also gives you fresh Google Reader, simple Google Reader (0124 updated by Davids. zerro) A substitute for Weibo on the web page (0123 updated by rednik) Adblock Automatically disable the Download Status Bar, always

Encoding Artifact Sublime Text Package management tool and extension Daquan

Sublime Text is the programmer's recognized coding magic, with a beautiful user interface and powerful features, such as code thumbnails, multiple choices, shortcut commands and so on. You can also customize key bindings, menus, and toolbars. The

Mootools-based rounded border extension code _mootools

jquery below has an extension is the use of pure JS generated rounded corners, but and div+css spelled out is the same truth, rounded corners look relatively rough. With the background picture lot better much, the problem is not stretching, the

JS Learning (DOM extension)

Selector APIThe main purpose of this API is to let JS native support CSS queries.Queryselector ()This method receives a CSS selector that returns the first element that matches the pattern or null.vardocument.querySelector("body");Queryselectorall ()

Xuanyuan Jian-data set (2)

Original post address: Kz= 32816441 Yunyou God is talking too much. Let's talk about other things to change their tastes, so we can find a fierce one. Ji You, how can we say that he is also a god. In this regard, China and

PHP Build (windows64+apache2.4.7+mysql-5.6+php5.5)

Now most of the one-button installation package is 32-bit, does not support 64-bit, directly on the 64-bit system use will error, so I would like to say here how Windows 64-bit system to establish the APACHE+PHP+MYSQL environment!I am here to

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