Dual 11 electric Business host DIY installation traps precautions

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Now the web shopping DIY host can be divided into two categories, one is in such as Beijing East, Cat and other well-known electronic shopping mall accessories to assemble their own, the other is in the shop by some merchants themselves assembled after the user shipped, and we want to say today is the latter, some "assembly machine" seemingly pro-people, But there is a lot of that.

Recently, the double 11 related promotions have already begun; while double can catch a big wave of "bargain promotions", consumers should not blindly consume. Then this article to everyone say a network of DIY host inside the existence of some of the fishy, hope to help everyone.

False high price to be ascertained

DIY host of the price is not high profit? No, we are not referring to the price of the whole market and water, but the sale of the host through the form of a more "budget"; then we have to say that the price of the whole machine, but not to tell you the price of each component of these details, often "profit" That's how it came.

And we use the DIY knowledge we know to calculate this set of "actual" price, FX6100 this CPU is about 375 yuan, 4G of memory market also fell to about 145 yuan, 500G hard disk 250 yuan, the motherboard is 300 yuan, chassis + power 300 yuan, However, no independent video card is seen in the whole machine.

For a detailed list, look at the following figure:

We don't see any discrete graphics on the page, and even this configuration takes a piece of the machine and it's just over 100 dollars, and the price of the whole machine is a difference of more than 300 dollars, in the case of all hardware, 1690 Yuan Assembly machine has more than 300 yuan profit, this you can accept it? If you can, Then please take the order.

Old hardware when new sell

"Old hardware is a new sell", which is also a very common situation in our stores, mainly concentrated in the field of board, the business will be a lot of discontinued products into the current configuration list, for example, we have a friend bought the legendary 4850 1G high-end graphics card, of course, may say that the price of purchase is not bad, But DIY save machine buy new don't buy old, buy back to know the truth will certainly be a little awkward in the heart.

Performance really makes sense but such a set of hosts it's too bad you got your hands.

295 GTX970 A piece of mail are you crazy or am I crazy?!

In fact, the method of discrimination in this case is also relatively simple, the major electric stores will have each product on the shelf time and start sales date, the cumulative sales and so on these parameters are many players can easily see, to eliminate the old products also need consumers more dynamic finger check parameters.

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