Dual NIC Configuration

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Normal working hours, the company's internal network limited access to some sites, QQ messages can not normally receive customers and colleagues and pictures. The company has 2 networks configured for each colleague. During the work due to access to the server and the server compiled Android system, only use 5 network segment of the intranet, idle the Gigabit Fiber 114 network segment. By colleagues gifts a network card, configuration in the PC, work can be outside the network and intranet colleagues, but because it is the first time to configure the dual network card, re-record for subsequent inquiries and improvements.

Principle: Internal network Segment go intranet, external network segment default priority to go outside the network 1. Host File Modification:
2. Terminal configuration
    • CMD terminal inputarp -a
C:\Users\Jerry Liu>arp-aInterface:192.168. 1. 102 ---0xb [external network adapter]Internet Address Physical Address type192.168. 1. 1           0C- the-2c-fa- the- WuDynamic interface:192.168. 1. ---0x19 [internal network card]Internet Address Physical Address type192.168. 1. 1            -- the- -- +- -- -Dynamic
    • Tagged internal 5-segment network 0x12 , Gigabit Fiber Network0xb
    • CMD terminal, type the following route command:
RouteDelete0.0.0.0Route-p add0.0.0.0Mask0.0.0.0 add192.168.0.0Mask255.255.0.0 0x12route-p add172.18.0.0Mask255.255.0.0 0x12route-p add172.28.0.0Mask255.255.0.0 0x12route-p add10.0.0.0Mask255.255.0.0 0x12//"important" if after plus 0x12 means172.16.0.0、 network segment only allow to go to the intranet, to ensure that the network after the wall can continue to access the company's internal network resources
    • CMD terminal typeroute print
C:\Users\Jerry Liu>route print===========================================================================永久路由:  网络地址          网络掩码  网关地址  跃点数       1       1       1       1       1===========================================================================
3. Related Knowledge Supplement
C:\Program Files (x86) \powercmd>route Operation Network routing table. ROUTE [-f] [-p] [-4|-6] command [destination] [MASK netmask] [gateway] [METRIC METRIC] [IF Interface]-F Clears the routing table for all gateway entries.  If used in conjunction with a command, the routing table should be cleared before running the command. -P withADDWhen the command is used in combination, the route is set to remain unchanged during system boot. By default, the route is not saved when the system is restarted. All other commands are ignored, which always affects the corresponding permanent route. Windows theThis option is not supported. -4Force the use of IPV4. -6Force the use of IPV6. Command one of: print routeADDAdd route Delete Remove route change modify existing route destination specified host.  MASK Specifies the network mask value for the next parameter.               NETMASK Specifies the subnet mask value for this route entry. If not specified, the default setting is255.255.255.255。 Gateway to specify gateways.InterfaceSpecifies the interface number of the route. METRIC Specifies the number of hops, such as the cost of the target. All symbol names used for the target can be found in the network database file NETWORKS. The symbol name used for the gateway can be found in the host name database file hosts. If the command is PRINT or DELETE. The destination or gateway can be a wildcard character (the wildcard is specified as an asterisk "*") or the gateway parameter may be ignored. If the Dest contains a * or?, it is treated as Shell mode and only the matching destination route is printed. "*" matches any string, while "?" matches any one character. Example:157.*.1、157.*、127.*、*224*。 Pattern matching is only allowed in the PRINT command.    Diagnostic Information Note: Invalid MASK produces an error when (DEST & MASK)! = DEST. Example: > RouteADD IF 1Route add failed: The specified mask parameter is invalid. (Destination & Mask)! = Destination. Example: > route print > Route print-4> Route PRINT-6> Route PRINT157*          .... Print only those matches157* Items > routeADD IF 2destination^ ^mask ^gateway metric^ ^Interface^ If not givenIF, it will try to find the best interface for a given gateway. > routeADD 3ffe::/ + 3Ffe::1> Route Change157.0.0.0MASK255.0.0.0 IF 2Change is used only to modify the gateway and/or metric. > Route DELETE157.0.0.0> Route DELETE3ffe::/ +

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Dual NIC Configuration

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