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In August 30, I left my job from my previous PC and rolled it up. I believe that I can find a job, that is, I am not sure what kind of job I can find. This is probably "Confident, uncertain. After nearly two months of Job hopping and interviews, the dust has finally been settled for the moment, so I can breathe a sigh of relief. Next I will turn my attention and pay attention to some things that have to be put on hold due to the turbulence of my life.

I have always been reluctant to change jobs, and it is imperative to leave the job. On the one hand, dongjia cannot provide a position suitable for me. On the other hand, you may understand that I don't think it is suitable for the job that dongjia provides to me. I think everyone should stick to their career development path. If you think it is right and there is no clear evidence to prove that it is wrong, you should stick to it, only fine, in order to make some achievements, wide and general will not end well. I leave my job because I stick to my career plan and don't want to sell myself out due to some factors. My predecessor did not mean anything to me, but I insisted on my own principles, I had a short career experience that allowed me to stick to my own principles-"You can trample on my body, but cannot trample on my soul." Finally, the two sides agreed to resign, it is also a success.

This time, I met many companies, such as large and small companies. I don't know who is the best or the inferior. I have at least experienced these interviews. I know more about what aspects I lack. It is also a learning process. Now that you have found a new club, you can make up for what you lack. It is always good to learn from others.

The new dongjia is in the International Trade Center. It has to go to and work on line 10 every day. It is far away from the past, but it is easy to switch around, in addition, I can continue my previous style and read books on the subway. I remember that a year and a half ago, I lived in a long distance from magma. Two subway and metro lines were required for one trip. It took one hour, but I read a book along the way, that year has also improved a lot. Later, I moved to a place that was only five minutes away from higemma. In theory, I should spend more time learning every day. Unfortunately, it's just "Theoretically". In fact, people are actually quite lazy, I don't know much about books. I used to get up at half past five in the morning, go out at half past eight, but don't get up at half past nine after the migration (which has changed recently). I don't get out ...... I am simply taking it for granted to be "dead" in happy life, or I am afraid I will not experience the nightmare of the past two months.

From the end of May to the present, I have learned a vivid lesson-be aware of anxiety. In the past, my life and work may be too comfortable, and I may lack social experience. Therefore, I am not in danger. When my colleagues are in danger, I am immersed in the peaceful spirit of the world. If you have a clear question, anyone will think that the answer is no, but the subconscious will accept it, but the consciousness will not remind you at all times: can this kind of comfortable work and life last for 40 years until retirement?

People cannot be too lazy, especially ideological consciousness. If they are lazy, I am afraid they will only be able to take the initiative, so they must keep an eye on their own destiny and have a sense of ownership for themselves, it cannot be like a boat without a paddle on the sea. If it is in the Pacific Ocean, you can still enjoy your life comfortably. If it is in the Bermuda Delta, you don't know how to die. What's more, no one knows how far it is from the next Bermuda.

These are not mentioned. Fortunately, the dust is settled for the moment. You can breathe a sigh of relief, and the next rice knows where to go. Reading a book is quietly on the shelf, and my heart is full of guilt. When I buy books, I am ambitious. I hate to read all the books in the world. When I buy a book, I will be shelved. I will always feel "when the books are used, I hate less ", when I came back, I picked up my book, and it was another kind of cool!

I have met many companies, mostly outsourcing companies. I have never had any disdain for outsourcing, and I have been mixing in the outsourcing field since I debuted. After reading "the world is peaceful, outsourcing is even more justified. But to be honest, after so long, I hope to find a company that is working on its own products and find a stable sense of belonging. I have always been afraid of wandering, but I have always been wandering, so I am eager for a sense of belonging, it is also a normal spiritual need. The new club has made its own products. I have looked at it for more than a decade. The products are stable and open in the market, mainly in the European and American markets, it is just getting started in China. Now we join in, and there is a lot of room for appreciation. This is a French company, and it is a bit whimsical to practice more pure spoken English, so sometimes I may have to remind myself to stick to the principle, so I used to mix it with Americans. However, if my spoken and listening skills are not good enough, I have to take the time to practice. No matter how the French speak English, it is king to be alone!

You don't need to be curious about the salary and treatment, which is not changed much compared with me currently. When I went there, I valued people and made their own products, which was relatively stable. In addition, I gave my title to SDE and added S to the front. In the future, job-hopping would be more important, and my salary would certainly be the second, what do they do!

After the Ideological Work Report is finished, my feelings are almost exhausted. Many friends may ask, why do they always say "dust is settled for now? Hey, you can't talk about this. In case the manager hears it, I am not a good guy! But to be honest, this "temporary" has two meanings. One is to remind myself that this dust may be blown up at any time. I should always pay attention to the changes and information around me, we must learn and work in a steady and stable manner, and be prepared to retreat at any time to avoid being caught off guard like this. On the other hand, we should start from my last interview with an internationally renowned software company, I did not die in the finals, but died in the semi-finals overtime. My heart was filled with regret and dissatisfaction. on the rivers and lakes, I had already said, "I am a good guy six months later!" This is not just for venting unhappiness. after half a year, I will submit my resume and compete again. People go high and the water goes low. If the dust is settled shortly after the entry, what does it mean for the next few decades?

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