E-commerce Business First Choice Ecmos Mall system, this set of system free open source.

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Ecmos is based on Ecmall a system that is deeply customized by 360cd.cn leading custom development. the ecmos is divided into two versions,

1. free version (free version with the following features and provide free long-term upgrade)

2. Customized version (on the basis of the free version, customized development through the customer's requirements)

The system includes a variety of customization features such as: consolidated orders, combined shopping cart, money wallet, balance payment,WAP, membership level, multilevel distribution, integral function, etc. This release provides a long-term upgrade, and subsequent upgrades can be upgraded directly in the background.

The following points have been included in the current updated version :

1. new administrator permissions to separate , the administrator's password and some of the permissions will be with the current administrator also exists in the membership table, to separate, the fact that the administrator rights exist in the membership table, there is a great security risk, mature system, are implemented separated.

2. will join the background administrator directly login to the foreground account function.

3. update the background interface style, not with ecmall original style.

Bug has been modified

1. The verification code can not display the bug, due to the high value of the error caused.

- modified the cross-core login compatibility feature for dual-core browsers.

- modified the background in the low version ie incompatible issues, removed some of the ICON, changed to text, in order to be compatible with the low version ie

-Modified the compatibility issue on the homepage in the low version IE .

- Added registration keyword Filter plugin, can filter the registered keywords, do not allow certain words to be registered. Need to be opened in the background / extension / plugin

- Added anonymous login function

-Fixed grade error when landing on mobile version

This system will be fully open source to the needs of customers, post-maintenance , update provided by the Zhuo Stream application network (360cd.cn) team. For more information, please contact customer service QQ:1356231055,3131212244 E-commerce overall solution QQ Group:47101787

E-commerce Business First Choice Ecmos Mall system, this set of system free open source.

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