E-mail leads life (theory)

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Time Management "Concept": the use of tools to better use time, improve the output of unit time, improve learning and efficiency.

"Core idea": emptying the brain and executing the plan.

"How To Do": Collect, organize, organize, perform, review 1, before the plan, need to collect all the things to be dealt with, do not miss any small things. Then divide the types of these things (refer to the four-quadrant principle) and sort out the classification of each transaction. After classifying things, set reminders for some of these things. Through such a series of pre-work, we have all the things methodically arranged, that is, to clear the brain!

2, when the plan executes, strictly carries on the plan which oneself before does, cannot because oneself in the processing affairs process to produce some kind of emotion to affect oneself to the plan the approval and the execution force. Five symbols of immature people, including "often by emotions", "not self-discipline." In the implementation of the planning process, we continue to exercise their own, to mature.

3, after the completion of the plan, to timely self-summary, self-improvement. Analyze the time management and plan implementation of the project for a period of time, and put forward reasonable suggestions for improvement.

Principles"Two minute rule": If things don't take more than two minutes to deal with, deal with the matter right away.
"Four-Quadrant principle":
Create a background: Famous Management Covey proposed a time management theory, the work according to the important and urgent two different degrees of division, basically can be divided into four "quadrants": urgent and important, important but not urgent, urgent but not important, Neither urgent nor important. This is the "four-quadrant rule" of time management.
How to categorize: specific to one thing, how each person classifies is different, and everyone's measurement is not exactly the same.

How to handle:1, if you always have urgent and important things to do, you have problems in time management, try to reduce it. 2. Spend as much time as possible on important but not urgent (second quadrant) things in order to reduce the workload in the first quadrant. 3. The principle of dealing with urgent but unimportant matters is authorizing and letting others do it. 4, not important and not urgent things to do as little as possible.


E-mail leads life (theory)

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