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December 27, 2014 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the teacher heard the itoo of the Java and. NET project extension reasons, summed up the following three points: 1. Without the overall view, the co-ordination did not do 2. If you encounter problems, not to find the corresponding theoretical support 3. No good tools to use.

As a sub-project of Itoo, we have encountered difficulties in developing new students. Think of the teacher said the 2nd, looking for theoretical support, I read the previous recommended to our e-book "Easy Scrum Journey", it gives the project management has played a very good guiding role. Through the guide of this book, I have done a detailed collation of the common knowledge of agile development.

first, prepare for the scrum journey1. Waterfall Model VS Agile Development :

The development model of waterfall model is fixed, feasibility analysis--> requirement Analysis--> Design--> Coding--> Test--> operation. Pros: Provides a checkpoint for each class, one stage to complete, just consider the next stage (is not like greedy algorithm?) ) is appropriate for the iteration. Disadvantages: Many documents, the end of development to see results, not suitable for changes in user needs. The stylized thing inevitably makes people feel impracticality, inflexible.

Agile development of the most special is to respond to customer change needs, people as the core, take the iterative approach, the development of software gradually. When I hear this name, I feel the development process is faster! Advantages: Can be very good and quick to provide users with satisfactory products. Disadvantage: Work report, if not complete the task, will be afraid of leaking their ability is insufficient. In addition, the ability to communicate, business understanding requirements are relatively high, all-round developers. In a word: high threshold Ah!

2. Use of Zen Trails:

Product Owner: Determine the product's function and time, priority. The person is generally the marketing department or the development department uses this product the personnel to serve, the main purpose is to determine the function according to the demand.

Scrum Master: Oversees the entire project, adjusts the project plan, facilitates communication between team members, and sweeps away obstacles. Master product Development Progress, participate in daily Scrum meetings, sprint planning meetings and Sprint review meetings.

Scrum team:5-10 A full-time member of the workforce.

Burndown Chart: The Burndown chart of total remaining time, which is the sum of the remaining time of all the split tasks in this iteration, and the gradually decreasing graph with the change of date, provides the visibility for agile development.

It helps us to find the following issues:

1. What is the team planning situation?

2. In a sprint, how does the team perform on the planned story?

3. Is the team self-managing? Is the work unison as a "team"?

4. What improvements can the team make?

second, the exciting scrum journey-the first stopDaily Scrum Sessions:

Duration: Stand, should not exceed 15 minutes.

Description: What task did I finish yesterday? What am I going to do today? What obstacles have I encountered?

Connotation: We synchronize the information platform, not the communication problem, discuss the channel of the problem. Moreover, the plan should be made according to the actual situation of everyone, not the project leader arbitrarily make the decision.

Note: 1. Communication between team members, commitment, not reporting progress. 2. It is not a meeting to solve technical problems.

Sprint Review Meeting:

The scrum team showed their work on the sprint in the form of a demo, and the participants rated its new features.

Reasons for using Demo: 1. Intuitive, early detection of issues, stakeholders can direct feedback 2. To complete the functionality, the team strives and publishes these features 3. Reduce the number of 99% that may be completed.

Sprint review Session:

Scrum Master first looks at the scrum Backlog, summarizes the sprint, and discusses some of the more important events. Think which aspect does well, which aspect needs to improve, how to improve. Discuss the results and how to do better in the next sprint.

Iii. Sprint Planning and change1. Thought

There should be no reason or excuse to abandon the team.

The technical strength of the team should not be concealed, otherwise it would be difficult to make realistic plans and evaluations.

  Seeking help is a good habit, not just for agile development.

  Agile thinking, there is no absolute authority within the team, everyone has the merit, to avoid the minority to obey the majority.

2. Tools and mechanisms

Project Document management tool confluence.

Unit testing is an unavoidable link.

Code review + trooped programming can improve efficiency.

Iv. Summary

Project development is still continuing, there are always new problems, the teacher is right, everything you have done must have been done by other people, learn to stand on the shoulders of giants is a kind of ability. If you want to bring a crown, it will be heavy. The discomfort of starting learning is inevitable, but the benefits of using tools are far beyond our imagination.

If you feel like I'm writing something helpful, please look forward to my next blog Easy Scrum Tour (below).


Easy Scrum Tour (top)

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