Easy software Installation with brew and Brew cask under Mac

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Brew (Homebrew)

1. Introduction

Brew is the package management tool under Mac, and it's easy to install development tools by using Github to host your Mac-friendly compilation configuration and patches. Mac comes with Ruby so it's easy to install, and it automatically installs git as well. Official website: http://brew.sh.

After the installation is complete, it is recommended to perform a self-test brew doctor。 if you see your system is a ready-to-brew. Then your brew will be ready for use.

Install: Open terminal, enter the following command

Ruby-e "$ (curl-fssl  https://raw.github.com/mxcl/homebrew/go/install)"


Brew Doctor

2. Use Brew to install software

A command to fix, like installing Git

3. Use Brew to uninstall the software

Brew Uninstall Git

4. Use brew query software

Brew search/wge*/   //

5, Common command: (all software with PHP5.5 as an example)

Brew Update                        #更新brew可安装包, it is recommended to perform a 2 brew search Php55 #搜索php5 each time                  . 5 3 Brew Tap josegonzalez/php          #安装扩展 <gihhub_ user/repo>    Brew tap                           #查看安装的扩展列表 5 Brew Install Php55                 #安装php5.5 6 Brew Remove  php55                 # Uninstall php5.5 7 Brew upgrade Php55                 brew options Php55                 Brew info    php55                 Brew Home    Php55                 Brew Services Cleanup #清除已卸载无用的启动配置文件13 Brew Services restart Php55 #重启php-fpm    

Note: Brew services related commands are best not used frequently, prompting is removed

1 ~  should use Launchctl Instead.4 * Feel free volunteer-support it in a TAP.5 6 stopping ' Php55 ' ... (might take a while) 7 ==> successfully stopped ' php55 ' (LABEL:HOMEBREW.MXCL.PHP55) 8 ==> successfully starte d ' Php55 ' (label:homebrew.mxcl.php55)   


Reference links
Homebrew-cask, website transmission, is a set of homebrew based on the MAC Software installation command line tools. The difference from brew is that the latter focuses on the configuration installation of software suites and software environments, while the former is the Mac platform software.

    1. Installation steps
      • Install Xcode (MAC App store installation)
      • Install homebrew (the one-line command described above is done)
      • Installing Homebrew-cask
        Brew Install Caskroom/cask/brew-cask
    2. Use of Homebrew-cask
      • Install the app, open the shell, enter brew cask install XXX , and replace XXX with the name of the software you want to install.
      • Other commands
        1 Brew cask Search             // list all software that can be installed 2 Brew cask Search Drop      //  Find all and drop related apps 3 Brew Cask Info Thunder     // view Thunder app info 4 Brew Cask Uninstall QQ      // Uninstall QQ
          1. Software updates
            • Homebrew-cask as a Software Installation tool experience is nice (compared to your own search on the Web, download, drag-and-drop installation)
            • Most of the software has self-updating features, the experience is good, the vast majority of only one click to update
            • In fact software updates are not so frequent, using brew cask uninstall QQ && Brew Cask Install QQ is also easier than downloading updates on your own
        Special attention

        Homebrew-cask is to place the application under/opt/homebrew-cask/caskroom/and create a shortcut-like alias in the Applications folder in your home directory. In the Finder's preferences, the third sidebar is checked for your home directory, which makes it easier to find apps. But don't worry too much about you, Launchpad will find the app under this directory and need Alfred support please check out Brew cask Alfred.

Easy software Installation with brew and Brew cask under Mac

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