Easy to make MacOS Sierra official version of the USB installation disk!

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The project, the Mac Mini can not start normally (start the error "due to computer problems need to restart 、、、、、、" and then follow the prompts to start, and reported the same error. )

Because TimeMachine not backup, online installation verification failed, so can only do a system U disk, reload System.

Note: 1, the first backup of the U disk data, the back will be a U disk erase, the data will be deleted.

2, Erase the U disk when the "name" named "Sierra" then only need to copy the order to the terminal, and do not need to change any parameters.

3, to achieve through the official channel download want to install Mac system, I download here when MacOS Sierra version.

4, the end of the operation, to see whether the disk file is complete, there are a few due to improper operation, the terminal after the completion of my U disk only a "Packegs" file, and then plugged into the Mac, Mac unexpectedly recognized as "Windows" (Heart Collapse 、、、).

5, because their computer can not start, can only use a colleague Mac make u disk.

6, wipe off the steps of the U disk, be careful, careful, careful 、、、

Specific steps:

1, first, prepare a 8GB or greater capacity of the U disk, and back up all the information inside.

2, download good MacOS Sierra official version of the installation program

3, open "application → utility → disk tool", the U Disk "erase" (formatted) into "mac OS X expansion (log)" format, GUID partition map, and the U disk named "sierra". " (Note: This will correspond to the following command one by one, and if you change the name of the letter, you must ensure that the name in the following command is consistent.) )

4, open "application → utility → terminal", copy and paste the following command:

Sudo/applications/install\ macos\ Sierra.app/contents/resources/createinstallmedia--volume/volumes/sierra-- Applicationpath/applications/install\ macos\ Sierra.app--nointeraction

5, enter and execute the command, then will prompt you to enter the administrator password, it will start the production process, the next is waiting for "done"

6, after the production is complete, must open the U disk to see OH.

Add: After the production of U disk, the following figure (Baidu over the map, relatively old), select "Reinstall OS X", the previous data file will be saved (very excited, otherwise I have a lot of documents will be gone) it's so sweet to start with a sudden computer like me (Taobao store also said that data recovery is very numb Annoying Oh, then I was silly).

If you are sure you want to erase the previous data, select the fourth Disk utility for Erasure, etc.

In the terminal type:

Defaults write Com.apple.finder appleshowallfiles YES

Show hidden files

U disk contents are as follows:

The next step is to use the system USB disk installation system.

1. Insert Mac

2, press the power button, immediately hold down the option key or "ALT" key

3. Until it appears, see the "Install MacOS Sierra" disk, use the arrow keys to locate him, press ENTER

4, waiting for 、、、、、、 know the Disk tool interface appears. If you need a partition to erase the operation, select the response action, or directly click Install MacOS. Then follow the process to go 、、、

Question: 1, update the system, why causes an error (to the effect "your computer has a problem can not restart 、、、、、" Follow the prompts to restart, and reported the same error).

2, the production system USB disk internal implementation principle is what. Why follow the steps above, my USB drive can be used everywhere to install the system.

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