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If you are always wandering around the Internet, you will surely find many well-made web pages. Have you ever thought about analyzing their source code and "borrowing" their design ideas, how can I decorate my website? However, some website owners impose some restrictions on the webpage, So that you cannot view the source code, and sometimes even make it annoying that you cannot copy the text on the webpage. As a matter of fact, there are also many tips for viewing web page source code. As long as you master them, you can get twice the result with half the effort to serve your own web page. The following describes these skills one by one.

1. view the webpage source code with a Frame

If some web pages use a Frame or multiple windows, you can only obtain the source code of the Framework settings by using the commands on the IE menu. Therefore, you cannot view the details of the web design. At this time, you need to change the method. Move the mouse pointer to a non-link location on the webpage, right-click, and select "View Source File" in the pop-up window. To view the source file of a window, point the mouse pointer to the window and right-click the window.

2. Use special commands

In fact, the simplest method is probably to use commands. The format is view-source: http: // *. At this time, the webpage does not display, but a text box displaying the webpage source code appears.

For a webpage with a framework, You can first find the name of a webpage of interest in the framework, and then use this command to view the webpage source code in the framework.

3. Use the Web Editor

The above method is useful, but some web page confidentiality work is very comprehensive, first it uses multi-window Frame pages, so that the source code viewing function on the IE menu cannot play a role, then it blocks the right-click of the mouse. What should I do? At this time, we can consider using the Web Editor to view the web page source code.

Take IE as an example. The procedure is as follows: Click the Frame window of the source file to be viewed and drag the mouse to select the part to be viewed. If the mouse is completely shielded, you can also select "edit"> "select all" on the IE menu ". Click Edit> copy ". Next, open the FrontPage editing tool, click "file"> "new", and select "edit"> "Paste ". At this time, the webpage to be viewed or part of the content is copied, and the source code can be viewed using what you see in FrontPage. Although this method is cumbersome, it is quite effective. First, this method is not restricted and applies to all webpages. In addition, you can use this method to view specific content. Sometimes the source file of a Web page may be large, and the specified source code is like a haystack. With this method, you can easily find the required source code.

If you are in trouble, we can also use another method. First, save the webpage with a Frame window in the form of "webpage, all, you can find several HTML files of the sub-windows in the Frame window in the saved webpage directory. Then, you can use the front page and other webpage editing tools to open the file and view the webpage source code.

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