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Easyfin KIPA = Knowledge Integration and publishment Application

    1. Platform enviroment: Windows NT/2000/XP, all POSIX OS
    2. Main Development ages or tools: C ++, JavaScript, XML
    3. GUI for client: wxWidgets
    4. Developer: 1 person
    5. Modules Division:
    • Rich Text Editor: includes the layout of web pages, the free switching between HTML views and normal views,CodeFor more information, see the Dreamweaver editor.
    • Weblog publish front-end: responsible for publishing content to the Internet. It mainly provides interface configuration for mainstream blog APIs. See zoundry, live writer
    • Local knowledge manager: similar to the knowledge management system, it can record diaries, notes, or any knowledge, and provides version control functions. When necessary, it can use weblog to publish a front-end to the Internet. See Evernote
    • Mind guide: Provides idea, which records everyday moments, allows you to conveniently store images or texts, and provides handwriting recognition functions. See freemind
    • Web deployment subsystem (optional): You can develop a blog-like web system, rather than simply providing interfaces for the existing Blog system. This allows seamless integration with the preceding modules. For more information, see dottext and oblog.

Schedule Plan:

    • Nov.2007 ~ Feb.2008 finish the module [I] and [II]
    • Apr.2008 ~ May.2008 web deployment subystem
    • To be continued
    1. Mode I-Rich Text Editor


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