Ebs xml Publisher Chinese garbled characters

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Due to local environment problems, the XML Publisher report cannot be run.


The XML page cannot be displayed.

XML input cannot be viewed using the XSL style sheet. Correct the error and click Refresh or try again later.

An XML document can have only one top-level element. Processing resource 'HTTP: // ***. ***. com: 8001/oa_cgi/fndwrr.exe? An error occurred when temp_id = 2326230111. Row 12th, Location: 2




However, you can run it on a colleague's computer.

The $ oa_jre_top/JRE/lib/fonts font is set later. My local JRE has two fonts, among which 1.6.0 _ 07 does not have files similar to Alban *. TTF. Add and resolve the problem.


Problem description: Garbled characters are often encountered during the use of xmlp for reporting.

There are two possible causes for garbled characters: Character Set and font definition.

Garbled characters caused by character sets: generally garbled characters are irregular.

Garbled text caused by font definition: generally Garbled text is a rule, generally (inverse ?)


I. Character Set Problems



1. When XML is output in PL/SQL, the header information is encoded:

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    1. Output ('<? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "'|
    2. Fnd_profile.value ('Icx _ client_iana_encoding') |'"?> ');

Output ('<? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "'| <br/> fnd_profile.value ('icx _ client_iana_encoding') | '"?> ');


2. Modify EBS System Preferences: client character encoding to: Unicode (UTF-8), modifying preferences affects the configuration file

FND: the value of native client encoding.

3. directly modify the value of FND: Native client encoding to make the client code consistent with that of the server.

4. Notes:

Oracle Character Set naming (non-international standards) is inconsistent with the XML specification (IANA International Standards). We cannot directly set the XML Character Set Based on the Oracle character set, you need to set the ing according to the following table (you can also use utl_gdk.charset_map to obtain the ing relationship ):


Ii. Font definition problems


1. Check whether the $ oa_jre_top/JRE/lib/fonts directory contains files similar to Alban *. TTF.

2. If no, copy a copy from $ fnd_top/resource of EBS,

Run the following command:

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    1. CP $ fnd_top/resource/Alban *. TTF $ oa_jre_top/JRE/lib/Fonts

CP $ fnd_top/resource/Alban *. TTF $ oa_jre_top/JRE/lib/fonts <br/>


3. Restart the application. The problem can be solved.

4. Principle: by default, xmlp does not support Chinese characters because it lacks fonts. Because xmlp is written in Java, Java theoretically supports any language. EBS comes with a Chinese font, but is not installed in the xmlp directory. Therefore, make a copy.

5. When the default output format of xmlp is HTML, the font used for opening is under $ oa_jre_top. The font under $ fnd_top is used for Excel and PDF.

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