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(Environment Eclipse 3.6 + Tomcat 7.0)

Normally, if the compilation is normal (that is, successful deployment), it will be in the. metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.wst.server.core\tmp0\work\catalina\localhost\ The corresponding and Jspfilename_jsp.class are generated under the projname\org\apache\jsp file. But we often get a 404 error when we run the JSP page, and we can often do a few things

0 ensure that you do not see any exception in your console window (JSP will first check the Web.xml file when compiling, if all normal, without any exception, will be successfully deployed to. metadata\.plugins\ Org.eclipse.wst.server.core\tmp0\ under the work and Wtpwebapps folders. Work is a copy of the content in the WebContent directory of the project that is generated by the JSP compilation, Xxx_jsp.class;wtpwebapps

1 Executing in server View

A) Add and remove, first remove all items, and then add in

b) Clean

c) Cleam Tomcat Work Directory

Re-execute the JSP

2 first close project, then move out of workspace, and then rejoin the workspace

Re-execute JSP

3 Check to see if all libraries contain

4 Remove the server, rejoin Tomat, and create a new server

Remember that in the case of a 404 error, you do not perform the 0 steps until you see the exception in the console.

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