Ecshop version Issue

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Ecshop Multi-Merchant edition, does not support php5.3 above version, with XAMPP also need the oldest version, I always particularly puzzled, PHP has been upgraded, is our program has to keep this low version, do not update it, or how to do it.

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Now use xampp-win32-1.7.1 this version, in use, the original version only need to be apache,stop,mysql stop; Then, run the Xampp-win32-1.7.1/xampp/setup_xampp.bat , and finally, restart Xampp-control.exe,start Apache and MySQL. Do not forget to change the code in the data directory under config.php to modify the database information. My MySQL has been quoted as "error1045 (28000): Access denied for user ' root ' @ ' localhost ' (using password:yes)" errors after switching. I did not understand at the beginning of the period is why, later, only to find that after the switch, the connection, the root user's password is empty, your previous password is useless. Then, you switch to another high version of the xampp restart MySQL, finished, you use your user name and password, you can connect, I here the user name two is used is root, the latter has a password, the former no password. So, this question, too, bothers me. I don't know why the password will change. Server password, how can there be more than one? Well, but luckily, the problem was solved. Ecshop finally no more error. The heart is still a little stealing happy.

Ecshop version Issue

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