Eight sort algorithm five--exchange sort-bubble sort (Bubble sort)

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Basic idea:

In the set of numbers to be sorted, the total number in the range that is not currently in sequence, the top-down pairs of adjacent two numbers are compared and adjusted sequentially, so that the larger number to sink , smaller upward. That is, each time a comparison of two adjacent numbers finds that they are in the opposite order of order, they are interchanged.

Algorithm implementation: (HDU 1040 pro-Test AC)

#include <iostream>using namespacestd;Const intN =1005;voidBubblesort (intA[],int );voidPrintintA[],intnum);voidSwapint&a,int&b);intMain () {intS[n]; intT; CIN>>u;  while(t--)    {        intN; CIN>>N;  for(intj=0; j<n;j++) Cin>>S[j];        Bubblesort (S,n);               Print (s,n); cout<<Endl; }    return 0;}voidBubblesort (intA[],intNum//Bubble Sort Algorithm{     for(intI=0; i<num-1; i++)    {         for(intj=0; j<num-i-1; j + +)        {            if(a[j]>a[j+1]) {Swap (A[j],a[j+1]); }        }    }}voidSwapint&a,int& B)//Interchange Element{    inttemp; Temp=A; A=b; b=temp;}voidPrintintA[],intN//Output array elements{cout<<a[0];  for(intk=1; k<n;k++) {cout<<" "<<A[k]; }}
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n Number of orders compared to the number of n-1 times
Algorithm time complexity: O (n2)

Space complexity: O (N)

Improved version:

The above bubble sort in the sort operation can only find a maximum or minimum value, but you can get two maximum values at a time if you make a forward and reverse two-pass bubbling method in each order.(the largest and smallest ), thus reducing the number of sort trips by almost half.

voidBubblesort_modify (intA[],intNum//Bubble Sort Algorithm{   intlow=0; inthigh=num-1;  while(low<High ) {           for(inti=low;i//forward bubbling to get maximum value             if(a[i]>a[i+1]) Swap (A[i],a[i+1]); High--;//High move forward one           for(inti=high;i>low;i--)//reverse bubbling to get the minimum value          {                 if(a[i]<a[i-1]) Swap (A[i],a[i-1]); } Low++;//Low to move back one   }}

Eight sort algorithm five--exchange sort-bubble sort (Bubble sort)

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