Encrypt files with multi-pronged protection privacy

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Today's network security is increasingly serious, not just the files stored in the network can be stolen by hackers, even if stored on the local hard disk, but also face the risk of being stolen. Therefore, it is particularly important to encrypt important files. Below we give the user the different environment to provide some solution, for everybody according to the actual demand reference choice.

Compression software temporary Solution urgent

When it comes to file encryption, many people first think of a variety of professional encryption software. In fact, for ordinary users, the most common encryption software is our daily necessary to use the compression software (such as WinRAR). When we select a file or folder with the mouse, right-click the "Add to compress File" command in the menu. In the popup dialog box, click the "Set Password" button, enter the encryption password of the file in the New dialog box, then enter the password again to confirm the operation. In order to protect the information of the file, we can also select the "Encrypt file name" entry, the last two consecutive clicks on the "OK" button to complete the encryption operation (Figure 1).

Professional encryption can also "M.F.B. S"

Encryption by compressing software is only a stopgap measure. If you need to encrypt files for a long time, it is prudent to use professional encryption software. To mention the professional encryption software, many people will think of complex operations, in fact, similar to encrypto such encryption software, not only simple and free operation.

When the user needs to encrypt the file, only need to start Encrypto (: http://macpaw.com/), then the mouse to drag the file or folder into the Software window can be, very convenient. When the encrypted file is added, the software prompts the user to set a set of passwords. If the user has a bad memory, you can also set a password hint. Once all the settings are complete, click the "Encrypt" button to start the encryption operation (Figure 2). Because the software uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm, the larger the volume of the encrypted file, the longer the encryption time.

When the file encryption process is complete, a prompt appears in the upper-left corner of the software window. Clicking the "Save as" button in the window generates a file with a crypto suffix (Figure 3). Of course, because the crypto suffix file is very special, the Encrypto software is still required for decryption. The method of operation and encryption of files, similar to the only need to decrypt the files to be decrypted to the Software window release, enter the appropriate encryption password can be decrypted. After the decryption is successful, you must click the Save command again to save the decrypted file to the specified directory.

Bulk encryption-Create a disk-encrypted partition

Encrypt this software is very professional, but if the user has a lot of files, encryption is naturally very cumbersome. It is also a good choice to create a disk-encrypted partition and then move the files that need to be encrypted.


Disk encryption software people used to TrueCrypt, but after last year's "TrueCrypt with Backdoor" news appeared, TrueCrypt's author has stopped the development of the software. However, recent reports have claimed that the software is "safer than people think" after analysis by security personnel.

The disk encryption software TrueCrypt has been discontinued, but we can still use its derivative version veracrypt, which supports the latest Windows 10 systems.

After downloading the latest version of Veracrypt (https://veracrypt.codeplex.com), click the "Language" button in the "Settings" menu of the operator interface. Select the "Simplified Chinese" entry in the list of pop-up dialogs and click the "OK" button to switch to the Simplified Chinese interface (Figure 4). Now click on the "Create encrypted volume" button in the software main interface, and the software will pop up a wizard window to create the encrypted partition. For cryptographic operations on disk files, select the Create file encrypted volume entry. Click "Next" button and select "Standard Veracrypt Volume", then click "Next" button to select "Select File" button (Figure 5). After setting a file name in the popup dialog box, click the "Save" button to create an encrypted partition image file.

Next click on the "Next" button, the user can according to their own needs, set the algorithm used to encrypt the file (Figure 6). Continue to click on the "Next" button, in the "Volume size" option to set the size of the encrypted partition (Figure 7), here is a special need to remind you that the size of the time must see clearly units (such as MB or GB, etc.). Then click on the "Next" button to set the password information used to access the encrypted partition (Figure 8). If the user sets a password that is too simple or short, the software asks the user to re-set the password. Finally, to format the encrypted partition, select the format of the file system from the list, click the "Format" button to do it. After a period of processing, the software will pop up a prompt window and close the window to return to the main interface of Veracrypt.

In the future, when the user needs to file encryption processing, first in the Veracrypt main interface disk list, select a drive letter, click the "Select File" button in the window to select the above created encrypted partition image file. Click the "Load" button to load the file, a dialog will pop up asking for a password. The drive letter of the encrypted partition can be seen in the system's disk list only after the access password has been entered correctly, and the next step is to copy or cut the encrypted file into the encrypted partition.

When we leave the computer, click the "Uninstall" button in the Veracrypt main interface. The encrypted partition is in a closed state so that neither the user nor the software can see the contents of the file.

Encrypt files with multi-pronged protection privacy

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