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How netizens should protect their privacy

The advent of the network era has fundamentally changed people's way of life and survival, which has brought great convenience to people's production and life. However, the networksentenceWith two-sided, we embody the great advantages and potential

On WordPress Get the article picture--make the article picture collection

Once received a project, the customer asked: if there are many pictures in an article, you should be able to make these pictures in the current article page as a picture set.Careful analysis of this requirement, front-end design without suspense, is

Search for a better experience: Don't enter username and password when landing

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: How do I implement a Web site that does not require a password login? It seems like the first thing we do on the Internet is to enter a username and password. After the user name is

What does Google know about me?

Google CEO Larry Page published an annual review and outlook for the future after the inauguration anniversary (2012 update from CEO ). An important point mentioned in this article is that by understanding your identity and relationships and

View cross-site scripting attacks from IE to Google Chrome

The browser security has been significantly improved, but when discussing security threats that affect users, cross-site scripting attacks are still at the top of the list. We have noticed that browser vendors have begun to solve browser security

Web. config encryption and decryption)

Web. in the config file, we do not want to find some private information, such as passwords, database links, and ASP.. Net configuration API provides encryption and decryption of web. the configuration snippets (sections) in config support. This

WEB 2.0-era browser Flock 0.7.12 Download _ Common Tools

A new firefox-based browser, Flock debut, claims to give users a new experience of Web 2.0. The debut of the Flock browser is only a preview, integrated rss, Blog, bookmark, picture sharing and other next-generation network technology, Has a number

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