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The building code stipulates that the bedroom window should be at least 30 inches high, 20 inches long, so that in the event of a fire, the person can pass; The yellow seat on the bus is for the old and the sick, and the child is often said to be free, but it must intervene for safety. These are the principles of life that need to be obeyed. When it comes to architecture, does it need to follow some principles? What is the use of these principles? What are the principles? Principle of this concept, I think it is still more difficult to understand, read the TOGAF document is still very vague, the following I will be my own understanding of the principles of architecture and share with you.

What is the principle

Principle: The general rules and guidelines on which to speak or act as a prohibited provision to do something or to resolve a question or to be unable to leave in an area. Principles such as the Constitution, we must abide by, if we build China's distinctive socialism, than the need to adhere to the party's leadership, adhere to the socialist road, adhere to the democratic centralism, adhere to the reform and opening-up cardinal.

Constraint: Delphi must be used, SQL Server is used.

Constraints are affected by a particular environment, there may be many scenarios, but I have selected some solutions based on specific circumstances. And the architectural principle creates the environment, like an umbrella, affects the business structure, the information architecture, the application architecture and the technical framework, is more than the constraint higher level agreement, it requests is easy to understand, consistent, stable, complete.

Constraints must be within the scope of the schema principle. Enterprise existing network environment Ethernet speed is 10M, the constraint is the network speed of 10M. If the Enterprise architecture requires Ethernet connection speed must reach 100M, so that the video or sound data flow can be very good transmission, considering the architectural principles, the constraints of the force of the structure is not strong, this time need to remove this constraint, improve the Ethernet speed to meet the architecture. (Please correct me if you have different views)

Architectural constraints can be used as a basis for IT architecture decisions, driving architectural definitions that can be collected at the outset through brainstorming, and can be added through the development process.

Some examples that I understand

Architectural Principles

To do architecture based on standard methods, such as using the TOGAF architecture approach

Not a thing to do

No one on the top of the persistent push not to do

Not to agree to do STH

Business Principles

Business continuity (long term plan for business development, not only for near-term implementation)

Business commonality (whether the business can be used as a common business architecture)

Business consistency


Data principles

Data value > correctness of data > Data integrity

Data accumulation analysis requires normalization of data

The data is safe.

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