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Enterprise Architecture Research Summary (19) -- Preparations for togaf architecture development method (Adm)

be defined. At the same time, brief enterprise business information requirements and enterprise architecture work strategies related to them will also be defined. Formulation principles: The Architecture Principles formulated at this stage will become an important part of future content used to constrain the

Atitit. Research and Development Management---TOGAF architecture (ADM development method) Summary

Atitit. Research and Development Management---TOGAF architecture (ADM development method) Summary 1. TOGAF is an enterprise architecture framework that has emerged over the last 20 years 1 2. TOGAF Content Structure 1 3. TOGAF im

Enterprise Architecture Research Summary (23) -- Technical Architecture stage of togaf architecture development method (Adm)

assessment in specific migration scenarios.1.6.2 Method In the activities of the current phase, the architecture team should consider whether there are available resources related to the technical architecture in the architecture resource library, especially the following resources: Existing IT services recorded in the IT resource library or IT service catalog

Enterprise Architecture-Relationship between togaf and archimate

architecture, they are not completely a system. Therefore, there must be some differences in content integrity, for the analysis of togaf and archimate differences, we need to expand the components not involved in archimate: Archimate extensions ReadEnterprise Architecture framework-togaf v0.1.pdfThe basemap tha

Enterprise Architecture: Use togaf for product development

Document directory Combination of product architecture and Enterprise Architecture Baseline-based iterative development process Iteration stage and main deliverables R1. Market Requirement documents R3. Gap Analysis 01. enterprise scope 02. Architecture Team 03. Architecture

Enterprise Architecture Research Summary (22) -- The Information System architecture stage of TOGAF architecture development method (ADM)

output in this phase are summarized as follows: InputInbound References Architecture references Non-Intrusive Input Architecture work requirements Capability Evaluation Communication Plan Intrusive Input Enterprise Architecture organization model, including: Scope of affected organizations M

Enterprise Architecture-Architectural principles

The building code stipulates that the bedroom window should be at least 30 inches high, 20 inches long, so that in the event of a fire, the person can pass; The yellow seat on the bus is for the old and the sick, and the child is often said to be free, but it must intervene for safety. These are the principles of life that need to be obeyed. When it comes to architecture, does it need to follow some

Web Infrastructure Design Principles Classic paper "Architecture style and web-based Software Architecture Design" guide

1. Overview Dr. Roy Fielding (see Personal homepage) is the main designer of the HTTP and URI protocol issued by the IETF. HTTP and Uri are the two most important web infrastructure protocols, so Dr. Fielding is one of the founders of the Web architecture. In addition to academic excellence, Dr. Fielding has been involved in the design and development of many Open-source software. He was the developer of Libwww-perl, one of the world's earliest HTTP

"Large Web site technology architecture-core principles and case studies": The evolution of large-scale web site architecture

Recently just finished reading Hae's "large Web site technology architecture-core Principles and case analysis", the key content of each chapter made some notes, in order to deepen the impression and future review.First, the characteristics of large-scale website software systemhigh concurrency, large flow: need to face high concurrent users, large traffic access. High Availability: system 7x24 Hour service

Design principles in Architecture Interface Separation principle (ISP)-Java Development Technology-experience the beauty of design patterns and algorithms in architecture

: Interface high cohesion is internally highly dependent and isolated as much as possible. That is, the method of internal declaration of an interface is related to a sub-module, and is required by this submodule. Interface design is limited: If you fully follow the principle of interface separation, there will be a problem, that is, the design of the interface will be less and less, so that the number of interface increases, the complexity of the system increased suddenly, rather than the

Understanding OpenStack Swift (2): Architecture, Principles and functions [Architecture, Implementation and Features]

This series of articles focuses on learning and researching OpenStack Swift, including environment building, principles, architecture, monitoring, and performance.(1) OpenStack + Three-node Swift cluster + HAProxy + UCARP installation and configuration(2) principle, architecture and performance(3) Monitoring1. Architecture

Read "Large Web site Technology architecture: Core Principles and Case studies" chapter I: Evolution of large-scale website architecture

, the most common is the business sub-Library, the different business databases deployed on different physical servers.(8) The architecture of level eight Web sites: using NoSQL and search engines to provide better support for scalable distributed features, the application server accesses a variety of data through a unified data access module, alleviating the hassle of application management of many data sources.(9) Level nine Web site

Study Note 6: The core Principles and case studies of large Web site technology architecture: The high-availability architecture of the site

the same result, that is, the service is idempotent. Service idempotent is sometimes natural, such as setting the user's gender as a male, regardless of how many times it is set, the result is the same, but for operations such as transfer transactions, the problem becomes complex and requires information such as transaction numbers. For service invocation validation, only valid actions can continue. Study Note 6: The core Principles and

"Large Web site Technology architecture: Core Principles and Case studies"--Reading Notes (2): Large Web site Core architecture elements (1)--performance

statement resource file, you can set the HTTP header Cache-control and expired properties, slow the presence of the browser1.3.1.3 Enable compression: Compression can have a certain amount of pressure on the server and the browser1.3.1.4 CSS on the top of the page, JS placed at the bottom of the page1.3.1.5 reduce cookie transmission, consider using a separate domain name for static resources1.3.2 CDN Acceleration1.3.3 Reverse Proxy1.3.4 Application Server Performance optimization1.3.4.1 Distri

Study Note 8: "The Core principles and case analysis of large web site technology architecture": the security architecture of the website

First, website attack and defense Attack: 1. XSS attack: Dangerous character escapes, HttpOnly 2. Injection attack: Parameter binding 3, CSRF (cross-site request forgery): Token, verification code, Referer Check 4. Other vulnerability attacks Error Code HTML annotations File Upload Path traversal Defense: 1. Web Application firewall: modsecurity 2. Website security vulnerability Scan Second, information encryption technolo

Design principles in architecture open and close (OCP)-Java Development Technology-experience the beauty of design patterns and algorithms in architecture

Opening and closing principle OCP (Open for extension,closed for modification). The core idea of open and close principle is that an object is opened to expansion and closed to modification. In fact, the opening and closing principle means that changes to the class are made by adding code rather than altering the existing code. In other words, once the software developer writes out the code that can be run, it should not change it, but to ensure that it can continue to run, how to do this? Th

System Architect-Basic to enterprise application architecture-system design specifications and principles [Part II]

the compilation phase, Complete the code implantation before compilation, and ensure that the embedded code can be compiled. For more information about piab, see the piab series enterlib piab deep analysis by artech. Vi. Summary in this Chapter This chapter describes in detail how to implement the specifications and principles of software design. The focus is separated by object-oriented and object-oriented programming, and the

Principles of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

background. Furthermore, if customers can discover and BIND available services, the IT systems behind these services can provide greater flexibility.However, to achieve a strong and flexible architecture, a new method is required, which is a daunting task. Enterprise Architecture designers must be "Service-Oriented Architecture designers", not only understanding

MySQL performance tuning and Architecture Design-Chapter 1 Basic Principles of scalable design, mysql Tuning

MySQL performance tuning and Architecture Design-Chapter 1 Basic Principles of scalable design, mysql Tuning Chapter 1 Basic Principles of scalable design Preface: With the rapid increase of information, the development of hardware equipment has gradually become unable to keep up with the application system's requirements for processing capabilities. How can we s

MySQL performance tuning and architecture design--the 12th chapter on the Basic principles of extensible design

12th principles of extensible designPreface:With the rapid increase of information, the development of hardware equipment has been slowly unable to keep up with the application system to the processing capacity requirements. At this point, how can we solve the performance requirements of the system? There is only one way to improve the system's scalability by transforming the architecture of the system, by

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