Enterprise Informatization Miscellaneous: Value of Informatization (5)

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I have told a few stories that are related to myself, and all of them are personal experiences.

Story 1:

I flew to Xiamen with a friend in the last seven or eight months to help her with enterprise informatization in a certain field for reference: they are a freight forwarder and have a business system in use, not bad. this is provided by a local Xiamen company. it is said that, after years of incubation in the forwarder industry, it would naturally be a good job, taking time for space.

I want to provide support for a new core business module. After a variety of demonstrations and discussions, there is basically no problem. I finally talked about a price, and then one of us said:

We are helping you develop software. After this software product is made, you can sell many sets at will...

That's what everyone knows!

The Vice President of the software company smiled and said that they visited the customer once. The customer said:

You have already made all the software, and now it is basically zero cost. Selling one more is pure profit, so it is cheaper and selling one is a set.

When the Vice President said this, everyone laughed, but I knew the sadness.

This is one of the stories

Story 2:

A foreign trade expert in Huaqiang North asked me to help me. So I went there. He made aliexpress and needed to solve a bunch of problems and wanted to copy the small software introduced by a product, I want to help him.

What is the final result?

I helped him find a better software and provided a variety of functions that meet and exceed his expectation. I even used the software to help him optimize the delivery process, introduce a bar code, and suggest him buy a scanner.

Mr. Lin, in my plan:

    1. Re-Straighten out his delivery process, more smooth and reduce the probability of errors, more standardized
    2. The introduction of bar code and scanning code gun greatly optimizes some links, provides more accurate input, and greatly improves the efficiency.
    3. You can free up two workers to do other things.
The foundation I can help him achieve this is because I found the software. Although the software is lacking, from my perspective, all the functions are available and I really did a good job. In fact, the software that I can praise is really doing well! But again, This good tool software only sells for 2XX a year! Your sister's! What makes me feel like your sister-in-law !!! This is simply selling software products as cabbage! I only sell 2XX, and it is still an annual fee. I am using this software to help my friends improve their efficiency, and the manpower saved is estimated to be nearly 10 thousand in a month!
I am speechless! My heart is full of resentment: You are reducing your worth !!! In fact, I may be clear about their sales strategies: Traffic DistributionHowever, I always think that they are self-defeating. This is because too many of them have led to a decline in the IT industry.

How much value does Enterprise Informatization bring to enterprises? The answer to this question is hard to answer. Some of the changes brought about by informatization are very prominent, and some are reflected in an unquantifiable level. You have paid millions or even tens of millions of silver (we don't want to mention 12306). What kind of evaluation means can you prove that at least the basic value is returned to this price? As I described in Story 2, In Enterprise Informatization, some content can be clearly quantified, some can be indirectly quantified, and some cannot be quantified at all, but it actually produces positive significance! There are also some quantifications that require a longer period.
Therefore, there is basically no solution to measuring the value of enterprise informatization through consumption. It can only be quantified locally!
How to tell others such features that cannot be completely quantified is also a question I need to think about!

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