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Compared with the traditional marketing mode, network Marketing has the characteristics of "fast speed, small investment cost, quick speed and low risk", and it can be used properly to obtain huge commercial return. Therefore, as a new marketing model, network marketing is quickly accepted by enterprises, even at the extravagantly to rob the Internet marketing opportunities. Then, the enterprise station how to do online marketing, can be less than the shortest time, the least investment, and the lowest risk, and effective? Presumably this is the most concern of the enterprise station, binary system today to make the following point of view analysis:

  One: a good user experience

Enterprise Station, does not equate to some other commercial station, relies on the formidable flow to earn the advertisement expense. More attention is the user through the network of enterprise recognition, generate online transactions or to reach the line of the prophet and recognition. Therefore, the enterprise station construction should pay attention to the good user experience. Then to the enterprise station, should give the customer what kind of user experience?

Structure clear and easy to query, users open the page, to leave the user a clear structure of the site, so that users can easily find the products needed. Don't ask why, because some customers are not good at querying Web sites that are too complex. Navigation by level division, Product unified classification, but also affect the customer on the site's first impression of the focus. What else should be included? The clarity of the structure also includes the convenience of the page:

1, eye-catching business phone: The telephone is best to use 400 type of telephone, or can also put a fixed number, mobile phone is best not to put. In the traditional understanding of the audience, the mobile phone is more representative of the individual, and 400 telephone more professional.

2, Enterprise online QQ: How many people do not use QQ now? QQ as an extensive, convenient, instant messaging software, but also as a business negotiation tool. Therefore, do not only leave the phone, or QQ number, should have an online enterprise QQ. If you have the conditions, it is best to apply for professional enterprise QQ number is the best, easier to shape the corporate image.

3, Enterprise case, Honor certificate: The company's services to do? The case is the most direct form of expression, so in the enterprise Web site Network Marketing, "case" display is also essential. Another point, the honor certificate, is the Zenga user to the Enterprise Website Trust degree expression form.

4, accurate contact address: For personal sites, contact address is rarely seen at the bottom of the site. And for a business station, the contact address must be clear and accurate in the tail of the callout, or even to the standard number. On the one hand, enhances the user to the enterprise website The Trust degree, on the other hand also can make the user clearer understanding company situation.

5, the Site page load speed: The site page loading speed is to give users the first experience, if the grasp is not good, more likely to cause the loss of users. Space speed is of course the first problem, how to choose the speed of the virtual host, I think relatively, million net is not bad, not ad said, this point almost webmaster are also recognized. And the price, I believe that the enterprise will not mean it. In addition to maintain the size of the page, less load large pictures, flash, less special effects, are obviously the effect of the reaction. Do this although to the user to see, but if the impact of the opening speed of the site, but it is not worth the candle.

  Second: Do a good job of network advertising marketing

Can not be ignored that advertising is needed everywhere, not advertising investment will not have a commercial harvest. But do you do manual labor, or do money advertising, earn customers, is a corporate network advertising marketing performance. The only difference is how to maximize the effectiveness of its online advertising marketing.

A: Search engine optimization of advertising marketing: The Enterprise station in the search engine has a high ranking, will be in the Enterprise network marketing value, because most of the deal customers are so. The 1th is to the search engine to play ads, increase the degree of trust in the site, how to play the ads? can be a commercial search engine promotion, can also make the traditional robust SEO natural rules optimization. For the former not to do too much emphasis on the money can do things. And what about the latter? Mainly in the external chain of the promotion of construction, the site's internal optimization, how to do the content and the optimization of the chain, here do not do too much explanation. Search Engine Example One catch a lot, we only talk about the flow of ideas here.

B: Enterprise Station Media Advertising Marketing: Whether in the real life of the media advertising, or internet advertising, occupy the user's eyeball. But have to say, these ads sometimes can play a good effect, as long as you are willing to invest, otherwise there will not be so many companies to buy media ads. But how do corporate stations do these ads? Generally speaking, for the industry's business station, we should do a good job of advertising industry groups. I recommend in the relevant industry to put the best media advertising, or the existence of competitors, but still have some no direct competition relationship of the site. Good corporate media advertising marketing, in general, will bring a lot of value in return.

C: Free software advertising marketing: In the internet, what users like most? free. With the free hook of things, users are often more like, such as "Free software." Each day has a large number of users in the download, how to take this opportunity to grasp it? In this one can join the enterprise's marketing advertising. Customs clearance software in the corporate image to promote, to achieve "brand marketing." "But the attention is, the software Enterprise station brand promotion must consult the opinion, is not just a waste of money investment."

Enterprise Station Network Marketing, how to make a brand, to win business returns? In the shortest time, the brand to do a wide, and deeply rooted, then success. And in terms of marketing model, the enterprise's network marketing model, or have greater opportunities for development. Therefore, the binary network together with professional website construction company Pilotage Technology (www.joyweb.net.cn) that: Network Marketing is the road of enterprise marketing, in the future development, enterprises without network marketing, lost not only business opportunities, more or related to the fate of enterprises. In the future development, who will be able to quickly grasp the enterprise network marketing opportunities, who will lay a higher starting point of competitiveness.

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