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EntLib.com Forum/YAF Open Source Forum System

Based on the source code of the Yet Another Forum Chinese Forum provided by Teddy, it analyzes, develops, and updates the Yet Another Forum (YAF) Open Source Forum System in Chinese, culture, and customization. YAF is a lightweight Open Source Forum project based on ASP. NET 2.0/C #/SQL Server.
The YAF Forum supports on-site message, on-site voting, unlimited section classification, permission role management, multiple skin, multiple languages, and other functions. It is basically qualified for the requirements of common forums.

YAF Official Website: http://www.YetAnotherForum.net.

Main modification records of EntLib.com Forum/YAF:
The main changes to are as follows:
1. removed the URL Rewriter feature and its code, aiming at a simple and standard forum system.
2. on the user registration page, set the Time Zone to only China Time Zone.
3. On the personal configuration page, text input boxes such as Yahoo IM, ICQ, and American IM are deleted in the instant messaging service section.
4. At the same time, on the post display page, the display of Yahoo IM, ICQ, and American IM icons is also blocked.
5. In the lower-right corner of the Forum-in the Forum jump drop-down box, a small BUG is fixed (sometimes two blank options are displayed ).
6. On the post reality page, the personal signature is changed to the downward alignment. Originally, the personal signature is aligned upwards and is close to the post content, which does not conform to the common forum habits.
7. Cleared the Web. config file, deleted some useless configurations, and set Encoding to gb2312.
<Globalization requestEncoding = "gb2312" responseEncoding = "gb2312"/>
8. added a configuration item in Web. config to set whether to send emails (Post/Forum subscription) to subscription users because some forums may not have SMTP servers.
<Add key = "EnableMailServer" value = "false"/>
9. Some useless files in the Forum are cleared, and other languages in the language directory are also deleted. Only china/english is retained.
10. The install directory and related files in the project are deleted. You can directly copy the database files and project files for installation, which is more convenient.
11. Correction: on the quick post/reply post page, you can set the Enter key to submit the reply content for your convenience.
12. Change the FlatEarth Theme so that you can better display the Chinese font and change some Chinese icons.
13. deleted the reference to RegisterForum Web Service and related upgrade version detection code.
14. The user registration and login sections do not encrypt the user Password (the original code performs MD5 operations on the Password), facilitating the integration of the User Management Section with other systems.


Page effect when accessing http://forum.entlib.com/website:


You can visit the EntLib.com forum to experience the running effect and interface of the Forum.

You can go to the EntLib.com forum to download all the source code of the Forum (ASP. NET/C #).

If you are interested in the original Yet Another Forum English version, you can download it directly from the YAT official website.

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