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With the release of jq1.7, the event binding has a unified API: on (), off (), and my EonerCMS has also been updated accordingly, because there are not many changes, that's why I took it over.

Because the OS-like interface framework has been almost done, we need to prepare for practical functions, such as the classification management and news management required by CMS, therefore, we need to prepare the pages required to create these columns. For the sake of user experience friendliness, I plan to operate the list page and Edit page in the same page in the sliding switch mode, for example, view demo

Now I only made this demo page, and I think the effect is not bad. But in IE6, the compatibility is a mess, so I am considering whether to abandon IE6 or change the operation mode. Of course,If you have a good interface and the operation is friendly, I hope you can provide it for my reference.. If I cannot find a better operation mode, I may still consider using the basic jump page to implement the list + edit functions.

Complete EonerCMS demo view: http://saw.caifutang.com/eonercms

This update seems a bit watery. I will start to integrate it with the backend in the next update, including calling the foreground icon. I will read it from the database, as well as the topic editing and news publishing functions, we are also starting to make the product. Please look forward to it ~

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