Error of "Please Check for sufficient Write File Permissions"

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The error message "Please check for sufficient write file permissions" are generated by the Web-based downloader, known as Magento Connect Manager, which forms part of the Magento ECommerce platform. The Magento ECommerce platform is a open-source platform-its source code can downloaded, modified or distributed FR EE of charge--that's designed for online merchants.

    • In order to use the Magento Connect Manager for installing, or upgrading, Magento software, you must has write permission s on all Magento files, including the main installation folder, or root folder. If you don ' t, the Magento Connect Manager may generate the error message. To prevent the error message, you must add write permissions to the Magento root folder and all files and folders below th e root folder. Entering the root folder and recursively changing the permissions on all the files and folders to "777. "Recursively means entering each folder your find below the root folder and changing the permissions on all the files and Folders it contains and so on the file system hierarchy to the bottom of the directory tree.

File Permissions
    • Under the Unix operating system, file permissions is divided into three groups: "User," "group" and "other." Within each group, individual file permissions is represented by the letters R, W and X--for "read," "Write" and "Execu TE "--or by the numbers 4, 2 and 1, in binary. The command "chmod 777 {filename}" Changes the permissions on {filename} to read, write and execute for everyone.

Adding Write Permissions
    • You can change the file permissions via a file Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Secure Shell (SSH) client. FTP is a software protocol for exchanging information between computers over a network, while SSH was a shell program for E xecuting commands on a remote computer. To change file permissions via a SSH client, log in to your SSH account and type the following Unix commands:
      Find. -type d-exec chmod 777 {} \;
      chmod 666 Downloader/config.ini

removing Write Permissions
    • Once you ' ve changed the file permissions, you should is able to access the Magneto Connect Manager to complete the install ation or upgrade you ' re attempting. However, once you ' ve completed the installation or upgrade, you need to remove the Write permissions from the files and fo Lders once again. To does this via SSH, type the following commands:
      Find. -type d-exec chmod 755 {} \;
      Find. -type f-exec chmod 644 {} \;
      chmod o+w var media app/etc/use_cache.ser

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Error of "Please Check for sufficient Write File Permissions"

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