Examples of Photoshop beach photos to bring up fresh baby photos by the Sea

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We will give you a detailed analysis of Photoshop software users and share with you the examples of bringing up fresh photos of baby at the seaside.

Tutorial sharing:

Effect chart:


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PS: when taking a photo, it is best to use RAW format to retain more details. Later versions are very different from JPG files.

Step 1: Use Camera Raw to open a photo, observe the photo, and analyze the photo. Based on the shooting ideas, we can restore the colors we imagine in our minds.

1. Insufficient exposure, dark overall

2. There is no level in the photo.

(All adjustment values are for reference only, and do not need to be difficult. The reference is only for the color optimization idea)

We want to make a blue fresh and help reduce the color temperature. Improve exposure to make the whole bright. But it cannot be too high, and too many details will be lost. Then, pull down the highlight and pull the shadow.

(Dimming: the bright part and shadow part of a photo .)

To highlight more details, raise the shadow to make the entire photo look fresh.


The effect is as follows:

Through a series of adjustments, we found that the brightness has increased. However, the color of the person's skin is not harmonious with that of the sea, so we further adjust the color.


Step 2: color correction


In the face of so many colors, we should analyze the color in the image. This picture is the main blue tone, which helps us adjust the colors related to the blue. The skin color is mainly controlled by the orange and red colors. You must pay attention to the adjustment of the skin color and retain the most natural color.

Comparison chart:


At this time, I usually get used to adding sharpness, some people get used to adding sharpness in LR, and some people get used to adding sharpness in PS. In short, the function is to make the photos clearer. Taking pictures is a combination of small details, but it gives you unexpected surprises.


Step 3: import PS

After the PS is imported, the skin is liquefied and ground. However, because this is the baby, it can be omitted for skin polishing and liquefaction.

The tools used in PS include optional colors and color saturation.


Continue to adjust the blue color. Reduce the black color to make the blue brighter. The steps are as follows:

Adding contrast makes the image more texture.


Optional colors are the simplest but most practical tool in PS. Red and cyan, green and foreign red, blue and yellow are the opposite colors, the increase of a color will inevitably lead to the decrease of the opposite color.

The biggest advantage of optional colors is that you can adjust each color independently without affecting other colors.


Finally, adjust the blue color to get the final effect:


All right, the above information is the detailed seaside photos brought to users of Photoshop's software. The examples of fresh seaside baby photos will be used to parse and share all the content, users now see the small editor here. I believe that it is very clear about the post-processing method, so you can try it yourself according to the tutorial above.

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