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When more information is added to the worksheet, navigating and positioning the desired content becomes more difficult. Excel contains some options that you can use to view a table, sometimes more efficiently for multiple tables. This section describes some additional worksheet options that you can control at your own discretion.

Enlarge or shrink tables to get the best view

Typically, everything you see on the screen is displayed in a 100% ratio, but can be changed from 10 (very small) to 400 (great). Using a small scaling percentage helps you see how the worksheet is designed from a global perspective. If the displayed content is not fully Van Youne in the field of view, then narrowing is useful. Zooming in is extremely useful if you have difficulty recognizing smaller font types. Scaling does not change the font size, so it has no effect on the print output

Cross-reference: for changing the size of the print discovery, Excel includes a separate option (using the page layout in the Ribbon). The controls in the Fit Size group).

Figure 14-5 shows a window that shrinks to 10% and a window that enlarges to 400.

Figure 14-5 can be small or enlarged for better viewing of worksheets

Use the zoom slider at the right end of the status bar to easily change the magnification of the active worksheet, drag the slider, and immediately transform the screen.

Another way to zoom is to select View. Zoom-Zoom, which displays a dialog box.

Select View-Zoom. Zoom to selection scales the worksheet to show only selected cells (more useful when you want to view only 1 specific areas).

Tip: Scaling affects only the active worksheet, so you can use different zoom multiples for different worksheets. In addition, if you have a worksheet that appears in two different windows, you can set a different zoom multiplier for each window.

Cross-Reference: If the worksheet uses a named district, narrowing the worksheet to 39 intestines or smaller displays the name of the range on the cell. Viewing a named range this way is useful for viewing a worksheet from a global perspective.

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