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First, open excel2007, open, for a small number of workbooks switch, click the Workbook window. To switch multiple workbooks under multiple windows, you can use the Window menu. The bottom of the Window menu lists the names of the open workbooks, and to switch directly to a workbook, you can choose its name from the Window menu.

Note: You can list up to 9 workbooks on the Window menu. If there are more than 9, and the Window menu contains a command called "Other windows," Select the command, a dialog box that lists all the open workbook names in alphabetical order, just click the name you want.

Second, quickly switch between multiple Excel workbooks

Almost every user should know that by clicking a tab you can switch between worksheets. If you have many worksheets in an Excel workbook, you can activate different worksheets by clicking the sheet tabs at the bottom of the window.

In addition to this method, there are some unfamiliar table navigation techniques, the following is a quick way to navigate the worksheet with shortcut keys:

The easy way to navigate is to activate the previous worksheet by pressing Ctrl+pageup, pressing Ctrl+pagedown to activate the next sheet. The advantage of this technique is that you do not have to use the mouse to achieve sequential fast navigation of the worksheet, but the disadvantage is obvious-you cannot quickly and accurately navigate to a specific worksheet. So this approach is appropriate for situations where fewer worksheets are included in the workbook.

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