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According to Microsoft's official message, SQL Server 2014, the next database platform version, will be released by the end of this year. It will include the table-level memory OLTP function, unlike other memory databases, this feature eliminates the need for expensive hardware.

At the TechEd event in New Orleans this week, Microsoft announced that the first technical preview version of SQL Server 2014 will be officially available for download this month, and the official GA product will be available at the end of this year. According to previous reports on the TechTarget database website, Microsoft introduced their latest memory database Hekaton project at last year's SQL pass conference.) in SQL Server 2014, we will see its complete appearance.

SQL ServerDatabase development roadmap

"Microsoft's new memory OLTP feature is very attractive for enterprise applications with ultra-high I/O systems," Denny Cherry, a consultant for SQL Server, said in an interview with TechTarget, it can effectively solve the system blocking problem."

Cherry introduced that while enjoying the memory function provided by SQL Server 2014, some applications may need to modify the code, however, its biggest advantage is that the memory function is perfectly integrated into the database engine of SQL Server.

"We are already familiar with how to manage and develop SQLServer databases, so Hekaton will not bring new technical barriers, and Microsoft will also add some automated functions ." Cherry.

Different from the past, Microsoft's new product release speed is extremely fast. Refer to SQL Server 2012, which is just getting started ). In this month, you will be able to download the technical preview version of SQL Server 2014. Cherry said that enterprise users need to deploy the development work immediately to make full use of the Microsoft Memory Database technology to meet business needs.

By putting transaction processing in memory, the new SQL Server will be able to improve performance by more than 50 times in the test. In the new version, DBAs have two options: Which database instances or tables can be set to the memory. A diagnostic tool will also be provided to provide suggestions for DBAs. The table granularity is the biggest difference between SQL Server 2014 and other memory databases.

Kelly said: "You can put the selected tables in the memory, and the others on the hard disk. Therefore, you do not need to purchase high-end hardware devices. This is the difference between us and sap hana. The advantages of Microsoft Memory databases can be fully demonstrated by using existing hardware devices ."

It is understood that the code of the Hekaton project will be canceled, and the new function will be officially named as the SQL Server Memory OLTP Engine In-MemoryOLTP Engine ).

SQL Server 2014 other new features

In addition to memory databases, SQLServer 2014 also has some notable new features.

The first is the new column storage index technology calledXVelocityColumnStore. It can continuously load data, while column-store indexes allow SQL Server to compress data in the index to further improve query performance. What is the difference between it and the column storage index in SQL Server 2012? In SQL Server 2012, after you convert a table to the column storage mode, the data cannot be changed in the index. SQL Server 2014 can load and delete data in existing column storage indexes.

Another new feature is quick backup to Windows AzureSQL Database Microsoft cloud Database ). In SQL Server 2014, DBA can right-click SSMS and choose to create the second and third Database backups under Azure for disaster recovery.

Kelly introduced that SQL Server 2014 will also add a new data storage management function, similar to the Oracle database 12c database heat map reference: Oracle Database12c 12 new features ). DBAs can store active data on Solid State disks, and store other cold data on common hard disks.

Okay. Now we will go to the step of installing SQL Server 2014:

First, I chose the Windows Server 2012 R2 Server system.

Load the installation image of SQL Server 2014 and select "Install SQL Server 2014 ,.

Check the rules supported by the installer ,.

Enter the product key. Here we select trial ,.

Agree to the Agreement:

Check the product update check box. When installing SQL Server 2014, You need to upgrade the network ,.

Upgrade successful:

Installation File:

Installation support rules:

Select the SQL Server function to install ,.

Select the SQL function you want to install ,.

Check the installation rules ,.

Select to use the default instance ,.

Confirm that the disk space requirements are met ,.

Set the service account to a domain account and set the startup mode to automatic. Keep the default value ,.

Specify the SQL Server administrator ,. Add the Administrator account here.

Add an administrator to the Analysis Services configuration ,.

Keep the default configuration of Reporting Services ,.

Add an administrator account to the distributed replay controller:

Specify the distributed replay controller:

Select send error report:

Install configuration rules, as shown in.

Check preparation before installation:

Start the installation process:

Installation completed:

After installation, go to all Windows Server 2012 R2 applications and find the "SQL Server console" tool:

Open the "SQL Server console" tool:

Select "Database Engine", "Name of the login server", and "authentication method" as the service type ":

Go to the "SQL Server console" tool:

By now, the installation of SQL Server 2014 CPT1 has come to an end. The general installation steps are not much different from those of SQL Server 2014. Let's look forward to the release of SQL Server official version, let's get to know more about SQL Server 2014 and better new features !!!

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