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This is the work experience that I shared with the group at the end of last November, and I also share with you the "quick" sense of the job. I believe that all of us should have some trouble with working efficiency. And the efficiency that accompanies me for a long time is painful. When it comes to PDI, the leader must have the efficiency of wood there? Since think fast is not counted, must lead and the client side to say, for the school recruit in the donkey, is a tear collapse a long process of ascension. All day thinking about how fast, how fast the speed is fast, so fast to even the reference has become dynamic fuzzy. Time is to kill the pig knife, not only urge the old still have to race with it, after several years of self-discipline, also early summary summary.

First, understand the need to organize
Efficiency is to first prioritize the important things to complete, good collation habits can improve efficiency. When the need for a lot of time can be organized through the need for orderly. As long as you understand what is important and urgent, you can easily decide what to deal with first. This is the equivalent of doing project management things, be good at managing their own work. It is recommended to learn Soto's "finishing".

For example: This week the product managers asked a lot of needs: @#¥......&%......&% ...
Can do this:
1. List all requirements
2. Inductive type
3, understand the weight
A (transmission function Design): General Office requirements
BBB (Icon class design): Iterative requirements, row together to draw
C (New interface Design): Iterative requirements, need more time design
D (function Promotion map): Iterative requirements, release of new features of the publicity
4. Definite deadline
If the level is high, Mid, low ...
A (transmission function Design): General office requirements-very urgent (today)-high
D (function map): Iterative requirements, release of new features publicity-Wednesday-mid
C (New interface Design): Iterative requirements, need more time design-this week-mid
BBB (Icon class design): Iterative requirements, need more time design-this week-low
The demand from the scattered to the whole, from the big to the small, from the complex to simple, from the emergency to the iterative processing will become clear and considerable.
Second, the spirit of inquiry into the truth of demand

Perhaps a lot of people have to get the demand on the immediate drawings, who do not know is a continuous experience. Surface to meet the demand is unable to solve the problem, we must first understand the user or boss of the core appeal, to find out the truth behind the appeal, can have the appropriate solution to the Gordian knot. If the essential problem is resolved there will be no duplication of effort and delays in the original delivery period. There are some needs that are not demand at all, such as the boss is just a few suggestions. So think about it before you do it.

Third, to practice good knife to work

Proficiency in skills can improve productivity. Like cutting potatoes, to cut the thickness, thin line and fast, it is necessary to have a pair of good knife hands. Do the same picture, like a picture icon, better quality rendering, you clear all the details to pay attention to, when drawing will be very fast and accurate completion, one-step. To make the car go fast, you have to grease the wheels.

Four, in the high-speed duplication of work to extract template

Model apply improves productivity. There will be a lot of repetitive work in the work, such as labeling specifications and Chettu such an essential but cumbersome and not nutritious work, you can extract model tools to apply fast completion. Specification annotation, can according to the similar window, the content Unification specification but do not have the difference design and repeats the annotation. Chettu can use the software tool output, such as Slicy or PS plug-in, which is good at putting all the icon control into a library, the specification of a good name, can be a key batch cut map. There are also such as Tips window interface, according to the current situation, do a typical 1~2 template, other direct application, can no longer after the design, development according to the template directly implemented.

V. Learn to focus and shield
1) Concentrate on work

2) Shielding Interference message

The morning should be more difficult to focus on the time to do things, the first thing to the office is often not to start work. Such as not wake up, all kinds of morning news, look at yesterday's news. Work is a lot of information interference, group news, mail, micro-letter, window ads, including their own things do not go to the micro-blog, the road site, it is easy to be distracted by the impact of the outside, one day to find out that in fact the morning can be completed work, still have to work overtime or simply dragged to tomorrow. It's all about laziness and procrastination and getting cured. So first learn to block seven or eight, and then focus on the content of the work, and finally you will find a lot of work done ahead of time. Focus is conducive to the need to think more deeply, to do a better job, the added sub-item is the completion of the quality with high.

VI. Multi-task processing

Can have the state of concentration, also can have "multitasking" function. This request is relatively high, I am also very difficult to describe. Take a woman as an example, she can cook while watching the children playing next to each other, while calling her girlfriends to chat where to go shopping and where to nail, so women are multitasking with a very high flexibility. I am also often multitasking to handle my very numerous and incoming tasks, otherwise I always feel that time is not enough, or to save the things behind to do something I want to do, such as thinking, summary, or do not have to work overtime. But it is recommended that you use this trick when you are doing a very wide variety of needs that don't require deep thinking. It is best not to continue such a high tension of multitasking, the long-term will only feel more and more tired, and disturb the rhythm, so to understand the various skills change.

Seven, agile response

Quick response and agile handling when urgent needs are needed. This time is the most impact on the customer side of the feeling. There are some temporary small needs and bugs almost every day, as long as it is reasonable to avoid the discussion section, fast output is also possible. There is a solution to the small demand from the modification to the output to the product only took 28 seconds, Shuai-hang himself stunned customers, this is in the day-to-day accumulation of efficiency praise.

Viii. the necessity of the decision and conclusion

1 people who need a strong decision

2 control range and quickly draw conclusions

A man with a strong decision can improve his work efficiency. Because of the complex process of review-level relationships, the need to confirm a long time is a potluck, so if there is a chance to meet the bosses are together, some things can seize the opportunity to communicate and Banding opportunities to do quickly. But not necessarily the boss of the decision this thing must be right, there are some complicated things to put out at the meeting, but we must have a reliable conclusion, if there is no control of consciousness, endless discussion is inefficient, to be good at controlling the scope, rhythm and quick summary of people, can improve the efficiency of problem solving.

Nine, when their own things to do

Only as a matter of their own to do, will be stronger, and there will be some of their own ideas, thinking that this thing has its own achievements in the inside, will be more motivated. Think of it as an opportunity to exercise.

Ten, keep healthy and sober

A healthy body condition, a healthy schedule, and a healthy working frequency are the revolutionary prerequisites for efficiency. About sober work with Goethe's words: Between today and tomorrow, there is a long time, while you still have the spirit of time, learn to act quickly.


Efficiency is influenced by a combination of factors, but it has a lot to do with the style of personal affairs. In fact, efficiency can be quantified, but also can be entered into the Order of self study, such as taking over a design from the interface to spend 1 months, to half a month, 1 weeks, two days can be completed; yards a week code into 1 days can be finished. This will see effective improvements in efficiency. The first two years of long-term partner of several products manager, gave me a sharp knife hand title, development also said that I am famous, only slowly found themselves in this area of growth and progress. Hope this experience summed up to bring help to new people, the ultimate blessing never change the manuscript never overtime!

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