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Now, if we think that microblogging is hard to make a profit (or a decent income), it's because our thinking is stuck in a mindset about what Twitter is doing now, and so is China's microblog.

Micro-blogging site to achieve profitability, it is necessary to have the courage to break the "c2c", not the whole approach is copied to China, must have a Chinese model.

The Chinese model is to take the path of micro-century and micro-commerce.

If micro-blogging is in a micro-business environment, it is easy for a large microblogging site to achieve business revenue.

For example, by Sina Weibo to explore the business model, Jiange uses the micro-society and micro-commerce concept to creative a micro-bo game, it is not a simple game, nor a single business model, but a form of social and commercial integration, it allows a micro-blog site through this game to achieve sustainable development.

  A, Sina Weibo's business model

The most influential microblogging site in China today is Sina Weibo. I think Sina Weibo to generate income of billions of revenue, not difficult! If you can achieve the "scarf dating + brand Tribe + user fees" business model, then Sina Weibo to earn 10 billion is very likely to happen.

The most prominent resources and advantages of Sina Weibo are celebrities and entertainment stars. This kind of resources is invigorated, income generation is very easy.

Do online games to gain profits through virtual trading. This business model is simple and requires only one idea.

This online game is called the Twitter dating, the tipping point of the game is "celebrity dating."

1. The game play, with the scarf bidding to date with celebrities.

2. Dating refers to the official website daily launch activities, engage in celebrity micro-blog exchange, so that micro-blogging bidding to celebrities to ask questions. Limit the number of questions per activity. To obtain this quota, you should use a scarf to bid, such as others out of 10, you out of 11, you can be selected.

3. In order to have more scarf to bid, micro-blog can go to grow cotton, weaving, recruiting workers weaving scarf, open the scarf factory, speculation celebrity scarf. Each micro-blog can be free to receive an acre of cotton. If you want more land to grow cotton, you can pay to buy land. Can steal vegetables, also can steal cotton. However, the scarf can be used to talk to celebrities, fans of the idol dialogue, this is the general game can not create!

4. The scarf is divided into ordinary scarf, celebrity scarf, best scarf. Encounter the day celebrity exchange, the celebrity scarf can when 10 ordinary scarf auction, need to be able to when 100 scarf.

5. Celebrity dating, not to let micro-blogs to rob celebrities to speak of the sofa, and let celebrities sit on the micro-blog sofa, the topic of all the forwarding and response is derived from micro-blog information. This message can be recommended on the home page. This mechanism ensures that micro-blogs will take the initiative to bid and get appointment places.

6. The second mechanism is the most forwarded, most commented questions can get celebrity gifts, such as Kai-fu Lee sent this signature, Li Yuchun sent the signature CD.

7. The third mechanism is to participate in the forwarding and commenting of the micro-blog, will randomly get the scarf.

8. Weibo can be viewed as an instant media. Celebrities can use the exchange for public relations publicity, such as "guard" film publicity, can be used micro-blog publicity, so that Donnie Yen and micro-blog online communication. According to Sina's influence, do these micro-blog online exchange is possible. Weibo is an online communication that is more convenient than a traditional press conference. Make it easier for celebrities to schedule time. Even celebrities can surf the Internet at home or in the hotel.

9. Twitter dating can directly achieve marketing activities, such as a writer's exchange, set up purchase orders on the activity page. That is to say, new product launches can also be done, those group buying activities can also be directly launched.

  Second, the scarf dating and branding what the tribe will develop

Micro-advertising. When the brand in the micro-blog site to build the brand tribe, will borrow a scarf dating to advertise promotion, to join to play there will be the merchants, c2c sellers.

The brand tribe will use the merchandise as the advertisement exchange, so the micro-blogging website can launch a bidding channel in the game, lets the micro-blog use the scarf to exchange or bids these goods.

Next to the bid, there will be a link to the order, if a microblogging failed to bid, but he also liked the product, you can choose to pay for the goods. From a business point of view, if a micro-blog that is not successful in bidding can be purchased at 90 percent discount at the end of the auction, it will be more conducive to advertising promotion.

When this kind of micro-advertising appears, will let the Twitter date through the word of mouth spread quickly to the world, that is, there will be more and more to participate in the Twitter dating game.

  Third, the scarf Dating Game brings a multi-party mutual win, to achieve sustainable development

1. Celebrity dating-This is a social psychological need, a strong appeal to micro-blogging! Let micro-blogs have the opportunity to talk to celebrities, idol stars. Let celebrities respond to the information posted on Twitter.

2. The game can let the micro-blog users pay, one is to buy membership services, the second is to buy virtual props, the third is to buy the brand tribal products or services.

3. The brand tribe wants to join the promotion, first will buy the function service of the brand tribe. In order to promote, the brand Chamber of Commerce for the game to provide gifts as advertising, so that micro-blog site access to gift resources, micro-blog with the game of the scarf to auction the kind of gifts. In this way, there are two different bidding objectives that can encompass the widest range of people.

4. Celebrities can publicize themselves; brands can advertise by sponsoring gifts; micro-blogs can get conversations, auction gifts and promote their microblog, and Sina Weibo can achieve multiple wins (popularity, Word-of-mouth, profitability and microblog development).

5. In the future, the game can also be developed to the public good, such as celebrities come up with items to charity auction. To bid through micro-payments.

Instant Messaging can be a service, or it can be a platform for business models. Can win Word-of-mouth, but also to gain the healthy development of profit, this kind of thing is worth doing!

To understand micro-society and micro-commerce, please download my ebook "Micro century".

This may be the tipping point of the National Wai Bo!

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