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Know internationalization is the world's first question and answer products, after a period of overseas market research, targeted countries in Egypt, Thailand and Vietnam. Research shows: In several countries Google search, there are 20%-30% of the demand for questions and answers, and this part of the demand satisfaction rate is only 60%-70%, and the local does not have a molded question and answer products. In summary, the decision in the above countries to introduce internationalization to know the product.

I. Understanding of target countries

Before starting to design products to understand the country's national conditions, history, national preferences, character and network development, and so on, the following is a survey of these target countries:


Egypt (Arabic-speaking countries) of the Internet is still at the beginning of the stage, the bandwidth is small, display screen small, resource download station is larger. Arabic has a "from right to left" reading habits, the main bar on the right, the sidebar on the left, all the content, icons, text, navigation, layout needs from right to left.

As shown in figure:

Other aspects of the use of almost no differences with the European and American sites, YAHOO,CNN,DU, such as multi-language version of the site, the basic is the English version of the overall upside down to achieve multiple versions of the site.

In view of special national preferences, the following are the things to be aware of when designing an Arabic website:

1. In color, Egyptians prefer green, white, orange, red, do not like black, purple, yellow.

2. Egypt and the Arab States were very dissatisfied with the strong reaction of those wearing star-patterned clothes. The reason is that the political opponents of the national flag of Israel are patterned with stars. Except for clothes, the wrapping paper with the star pattern is not popular.

3. Taboo pig or shape similar animal pattern, such as Panda.

4. Like 3, 5, 7, 9, hate 13.

5. Egyptians love the pyramids, Islamic symbols, Persian art patterns. It is popular to use pyramid patterns or adopt Islamic and Persian art patterns on commodity packaging. In Egypt, Lotus (Lotus) and Crocodile (crocodile) as a totem, is considered sacred inviolable, in the commercial avoidance of use.

6. Women's body patterns also need to be used with caution.


1. Color: Like the color of crisp color saturation, Thailand before the comparison like Big Red, and later because the Red Towel Army incident government banned big red, Thai people do not like bright yellow, prefer pink. Like to compare flashing pictures, such as flash, GIF pictures.

2. Thai people like elephants, elephants as auspicious symbols.

3. The Internet is in its infancy, probably at about 2005 of China's Internet development level.

Currently the most popular websites in Thailand are:




Viet Nam

1. The Vietnamese prefer a saturated, rich color.

2. Prefer the number 9, do not like 13.

3. The Internet in Viet Nam is also at a start-up stage.

The most popular sites in Vietnam are:




Second, know the international consideration of the product's own characteristics

1. The question and Answer class website how lets the page from the layout layout, the color highlights the question and answer class website characteristic, lets the visitor first time be able to feel is the question and Answer class website.

2. International route plate style suitable for many countries to use, do a good job of national research, to ensure the accuracy of visual design, visual design is not only the gene of the visual system of Baidu, on this basis and presents a sense of modern internationalization.

Third, visual style

Know the International page visual style: concise, refreshing and generous, internationalization.

The main color is: blue, green


There is a steady characteristic. Representative: The intention of being sensible, accurate, and aware.

Blue embodies a kind of honest trust between people, can take care of people around, and people contact with polite feeling. Suitable for Baidu to know the questions and answers between people and the user relationship.


Representative: The image of hope, vigor and power.

Green also gives people a feeling of being warm to help others.

Blue and green two color collocation is not tight to better reflect the knowledge of the site, while the visual color is richer. On the page to ask a answer with two colors to divide, but also make the page more clear, so that users can get the required information faster.

Iv. highlighting the visual subject

From a layout perspective, the blue area of the homepage is the Visual center of the entire page, on the left for the site constantly updated issues scrolling playback, the right is a question box, the question box relative to the larger area for the entire Web page of the visual subject; At the same time, this whole blue area is also a promotional advertising map, highlighting the characteristics of the question and answer class site. Highlight the question box to encourage users to ask questions is also the site's initial online strategy, the purpose is to accumulate more data, but also for the future launch of the search engine to lay the content foundation and user base. The propaganda map has the substantive function, not only can embody the question and answer class website characteristic, also has promoted the entire website the visual effect.

Know International is the early introduction of internationalization products, but also for the future internationalization of other products to provide a reference design direction, to achieve a unified international product of the overall visual style.

Analysis of text Form

In the design, we use English to typesetting design, the design of this version is the general version of each country, English and the text of these countries more similar, and the Chinese text is slightly different.

Arabic اطرحسؤالا: The text is calligraphy body, more elegant, from right to left reading habit.

Thai ตั้งคำถาม: Text is relatively high, the design of the time to take into account the regional height of the setting.

Vietnamese đặt câu hỏi: Text longer, designed to take into account the region width of the setting.

Therefore, when making visual norms, sometimes the specification is the text from the top, the bottom, the left, the right margin is how much, there is no direct specification of the size of the text area.

such as: navigation




The distance between the text and the middle line in the navigation is 20px, and the text of the column and column is 40px. As shown in figure:

This avoids some problems that are visually too wide or too narrow to be uncoordinated.

Vi. Summary

All said that the design without Borders, good products good design is no national boundaries. International products we have just started, we will continue to sum up and accumulate, in order to make our products applicable to every country, we will continue to work hard.

Article source: Baidu User Experience

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