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After reading the post of the landlord, I couldn't help but feel the spirit of it. I realized that one of the seven meridians and eight pulses was smooth, and I also made a six-Coincidence half. Since ancient times, the hero came out as a teenager and the landlord was younger, it's just the power of the sky, the wisdom of the nation and the wisdom of the ancients, The yunyun of the ancient people, the Wolong and the phoenix are all well under the control of the world. Now, the sky and the sky are all over China, in the haze, I saw a gold god standing in the sky and earth, the hero holding a pair of axes, two eyes such as electricity, one ax down, chaos first open, two axes down, female man, three Axes go down and let me know. this hero is also fortunate to be able to endure and the blessing of the people. How can we not cry with joy ....... the ancients once said that the young man was a witness. The young man's father rose like the red sun, and the road went viral. The river was flowing, and the sky swept away. The Qianlong tengyuan, the scales of the feet were flying; yingxiao trial wing, wind dust suction Zhang; the first child of the flowers, the emperor; dry will be sent, there are their Mang; day wearing his Cang, the ground to its yellow; there are ages, there are eight wild; xiao Sheng admired the landlord, such as the endless rivers and rivers, the sea and rocks, the sky split, never changed.
After reading the post from the landlord, I felt that I was not able to calm down for a long time. As the cloud of Lao Tzu is: the sound of great voices, the elephant is invisible. Now I understand what I lack. It is the kind of persistent pursuit of truth by the landlord and the kind of heavy feeling of hard practice by the landlord. In the face of the post of the landlord, I was shocked and was almost unable to move. I couldn't help opening the post of the landlord again and again, I think it will take a few minutes to appreciate it. I always wonder if there is flexibility in the appearance of it. In this way, people may not know what it is like in March, so that they can feel it for three days. You wrote it too well. The only thing I can do is to overwrite this post.
The post of the landlord is too good. The style is fluent, the rhetoric is decent, and the style of the Wei and Jin Dynasties is deep, and the Tang Feng and Song bone are carried forward to the three points, you can see this post of the landlord in your lifetime. I am so lucky to be born. After reading this post from the main author, I have produced an incredible sense of grief-ah, what should I do if I can no longer see such a good post in the future? What should I do? It was not until I did not hesitate to add this post to my favorites that I felt so excited that I gradually calmed down. But I immediately thought that if someone else could not see such a good post, wouldn't it be a waste of the efforts of the landlord? After a painful ideological struggle, I made up my mind to sacrifice myself and dedicate myself to the greater I. I want to present this post to people for review. I want to keep this post up to the top! Until everyone sees it!
Before I met you, I doubted whether there were any real saints in the world. Now, I finally believe it! I once forgot about Song Fu in the Han Dynasty. I was surprised by Li Du's poetry. I used to linger on Song Yuan's songs. But now, I know how thin I am! The Lord, your lofty sentiments are so touching. In this kind of money-driven society, it is undoubtedly the greatest luck of my life to see people like the landlord. It made me deeply feel the greatness of human nature. The post of the Lord is like the flash of the dark sky, and the sunshine of the dark clouds.
That's good! I have been in the XX community for so many years, so there are countless readers. Even if I have never seen a pig walk, I always know what the taste of pork is. As soon as I saw the momentum of the landlord, I felt that there was an essential difference between the landlord and the Small-and-mixed community! The melancholy tone, the familiar signature, and the rhetoric of the words between the lines. Useless, the landlord, even if you change the vest is useless, your hundreds of millions of fans have recognized you, you must be the strongest ID in the legend. Since the Community revision, I have been disheartened and have no hope for the community. The legend has vanished and the myth has ended. What does it mean to stay in the community? Unexpectedly, I did not expect that I could see the style of the landlord again today. I was so excited that I could not help but shed tears in front of the screen. Yes, as long as the landlord leads the Community, there is hope. My heart is boiling again, and the blood in my chest is burning again. Despite being simple, the author briefly explained the root of several major problems that we had struggled to solve over the years. The landlord is like the beacon of the community. The landlord is like the direction of the Community, and the landlord is like the pillar of the community. If there are landlords, the Community will surely be better tomorrow!
The words of the Master really look like "the voice of joy swept across the Shadows", like "opening the clouds to see Qingtian", so that I am waiting for netizens to see hope and the future! The blue sky and the blue sky may not be enough to describe the case of the master's article; Wushan's cloudization and Yangtze River water are even more difficult to match the master's talents! Huang zhongda Lu, zhenfudao! You can see ten thousand miles in the light of the candle! Through your profound words, I seem to have seen the great standing of you, the treasure of the wolf, and the treasure of the dragon and the tiger; as if you have seen the wisdom of your hand as large as your hand and write articles around the world; it seems that you have seen the heroic spirit of following the sword and giving directions!
After reading this post word by word, I can't feel calm and shocked for a long time! Why is there such a good post! I thought that I would never have any post to impress me after years of Internet BBS. I did not expect to see such a wonderful post today! You have made me deeply understand the sentence "there are people out of the world, there are days out of the sky. Thank you! After reading this post, I did not reply immediately, because I was afraid that my vulgar reply would tarnish the few posts on the Internet. However, I replied, because I thought that if I could not leave my net name behind such a wonderful post, I would not be confused! How proud I am to be able to leave my network name behind such a wonderful post! Forgive me for my selfishness! I know that no matter how gorgeous the rhetoric is to describe your post, your post is not good enough, it is hypocritical, so I just want to say: Your post is so nice! I want to watch it all my life! This post has a novel concept, unique themes, clear paragraphs, strange plots, ups and downs, distinct and fascinating main lines, and shows extraordinary literary skills in plain text, it is a model for our generation to learn. The so-called: "A horse Pentium, shoot the arms bow, the world is in my heart !" The poster is really a new generation of kaishan monsters in the community! I have already been disappointed with this community. I feel that this community has no future, and my heart is full of sorrow. However, after reading your post, I had hope for the community. You have renewed the fire of hope in my heart. You have revived my heart and saved me a cold heart! I decided not to go back to any post in the community, but after reading your post, I told myself that this post must be returned! This is a rare post for centuries! A wonderful post in my lifetime!

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It is first to be announced by the fans of the andylau: at see over this son hereafter word by word and sentence by sentence, my heart can't be calm once in a very long while, shocking! Why wowould like a son that like ?! Policyears in bbs in horizontal network in my life, from thinking any further can't there is any a son can move me, have never thought to come in sight of such ingenious and incomparable like this an a son today. floor lord, is you let me comprehening the 'someone outside the person profoundly, there is day outside the day' this words. thank you! At see over this son hereafter, I did not replies immediately, because I fear me the vulgar replies unbearablely will compromise this net last rare a son. but I replied still, because feel if can't leave behind at the such fascinating a son own net, that I die too can't the purpose of name! Can leave own net a matter for is how pride behind at the such fascinating a son! Floor lord, beg your pardon my selfish! I know that describe the floor lord you with the how gorgeous words regardless the fascinating degree of a son is all not enough, is all hypocritical, so I think only of to say: your a son is too good-looking! I wowould like to the lifetime sees the bottom! This son conceives outline novel, the topic has the mental strategy only, the paragraph is clear, details, fall the rise and fall, the main line is clear, fascinating, mild the extraordinary literature from bottom inside, is witty it may be said, a classic, is a model that my generation shoshould the study. in regard to the angle of the cloak-and-dagger art, this son do not calculate too successful, But it of the experiment is however the far larger than in meaning the success oneself. positive so-called: "a horse dashes about, shooting the birds lead the bow, the world is all in my heart! "Floor lord really not the is to has boundary new generation to open the mountain strange! I will have disappointed to this community originally, feeling that this community had no the prospect, the in the mind is filled with the woe. but saw your this son, let me producing the hope to the community again. is a fire that you let my in the mind set alight the hope afresh, is you make my heart cold ashes burn again, is you rescued me a stirs the cool stiring the cool heart! I decide originally and can't return to any a son in the community, but saw your a son, it is what must return that I tell the oneself this son! This is once-in-a-lifetime o. k. stick! Heaven contain eye, let me getting the such fascinating and incomparable a son at the excellent the can view in year that living! Floor lord, you want to continue diligent! You are the hope of the community!

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Despu é s que acabar de leer esta palabra ejemplar por palabra y oració n por la I ión, el coraz ón no puede ser calmo durante mucho tiempo, sacude!? Por qué hay tan bueno un modelo? ?! Mi red horizontal vertical bbs ha pensado por muchos? OS que nunca habr ácualquiera modela eso tiene me podr ía mover, yo nunca había esperado que eso visto tan exquisito más all áde compara un modelo hoy. el piso el hecho principal, es usted que permiti ómíentender ''gente alguien, hay afuera en día' esta bought ió n profundamente .? Gracias! En este modelo de acabar de mirar, yo tengo contestaci ón inmediatamente, porque temo que pueda manchar estos raro ejemplar en línea por contestaci ón vulgar que no puede soportar .? Pero he contestado, porque Piel que si no puedo salir un propio nombre de la red en la espalda de tan excelente un modelo, el prop ósito que yo no cerrar éuno mira cualquiera cu ándo morir!? Salga cu ántos orgulloso uno un pedazo del nombre de thingses una propia red en la espalda del modelo excelente tan!? El hecho principal del piso, los unos que dispensan míson ego í stas!? S é que ninguna cuesti ón con el idioma florido cu án magnífico viene y describe los grados excelentes del modelo suficiente principal usted piso, es todo falso, as íque yo s ólo quiero decir una ~ió n: su modelo es interesar demasiado!? Estoy ver dispuesto abajo todo una vida! El complot de este modelo es novedoso, el tema es original y diferente, el párrafo es claro, el complot es extra? O, del ritmo salesman, el hilo se demarca claramente, demuestra la literatura ?basado en las =básicas en es fascinador, lánguido puede sea llamado bien ser cada palabra una gema, cada oración cl ásico, es yo vidas deben los modelos de estudios. cuando el ángulo de respectos del arte de la novela, el modelo Ye y triunfa tanto, el experimento signiica de ello más que é l m Ismo de posterior lejos .? El llamado: "un caballo se encrespa hacia adelante, penetra y talla e indica doblando, el mundo est áen mi mente!? "El piso principalmente merece realmente ser llamado teniendo un long island del Círculo que corta en una monta? A de la generaci ón nueva extra? Amente! He sido desilusionado ya a esta comunidad originalmente, no había pensado este futuro de hadded de comunidad, apen óque el coraz ón est árepleto de. pero ha leído este modelo de suyo, permiti óque míprodujera la esperanza a la comunidad otra vez .? Son usted permitioencender el fuego esper óotra vez en mi coraz ón, es usted que permitióque el coraz ón reviviera, es usted que ha salvado mi uno y lo apart órefresca y apart óel coraz ón fresco!? Originalmente determino a ser puede tener estuvo en la comunidad vuelve ejemplar, piensa su modelo, yo digo este modelo de símismo!? Esto es raro ver y fácel de atascar en un siglo!? El cielo tiene ojos, yo en aristogenesis anual a obtiene para estar en la vista los modelos no superados tan excelentes!? El hecho principal del piso, usted debe continuar los esfuerzos!? Usted es una esperanza de la comunidad!

Nachdem lesen von diesem modell wort durch wort und satz durch satz aufh? Rend, kann mein herz ruhig für eine lange zeit nicht sein, sch U ttelt! Warum gibt es so gut ein modell?! Mein senkrecht horizontal netz bbs hat für viele jahre gedacht, da? Nie es irgendeine modelle geben wird, die bewegung mich k? Nnen müssen, hatte ich nie erwartet, da? Das sieht so vorz üglich über hinaus ein modell heute vergleicht. boden haupttatsache, es ist sie, der mich verstesponl ?? T ''leute jemand, gibt es drau? En auf tag ''dieser satz tief. vielen dank! An diesem modell, zuschauen aufzuh? Ren, mu? Ich sofort erwidern, weil ich befürchte, da? Ich dieses seltene modell online durch gemeine erwiderung beflecken kann, da? Nicht tragen kann. aber ich habe erwidert, weil denkt, da? Wenn kann verlassen einen eigenen netz namen im hinteren von so ausgezeichnet ein modell, der zweck die ich nicht eine augen nicht schlie? En werde, entweder wenn sterben! Verlassen sie wie viele stolzen einen st ück thingses namen ein eigenes netz im hinteren von ausgezeichnetem modell damit! Die haupttatsache sind derjenig des bodens, des, die mich entschuldigen, selbsts üchtig! Ich wei? Keine materie mit, wie pr? Chtige gebl ümte sprache komt, und beschreibe die ausgezeichneten grade des modells genug haupt sie boden, ist alle falsche, deshalb will ich nur einen satz: ihr modell zu interessant sagen ist! Ich bin bereites sehen hinunter alles ein leben! Das grundst u ck dieses modells kann roman, der themenbereich urspr U nglich und verschieden, der absatz klar, das grundst u ck unheimlich, von flie? En rhythmus, der faden deutlich, es aus der gew? Hnlicw.literatur, die in our in werden fasziniert erdet, das, es gut genannt werden ist sind demarkiert vfrürrstürabstumpft, jedes wort ein edelstein, jeder satz lassiker, es zu sein, ich ist lebenszeiten die modelle der studien sollen. als beachtungen winkel der kunst vom roman, das modell miteinschlie? T und sehr gelingt viel, das versuch mittel davon gr ?? Er als sich von folgend weit. das sogenannte: "ein pferd wogt vorder, durchdringt und schnitzt und fühdr biegen, die welt in meinem gem u t ist! "Der boden verdient haupts? Chlich wirklich, gerufen zu werden, einen li von kreis schneiden in einen berg neuer generation hat fremd! Ich bin zu dieser gemeinschaft urspr ünglich, nicht diese gemeinschaft hadded zukunft schon entt? Uscht worden hatte gedacht, getrauert worden ist, die da? Das herz voll von ist. aber dieses modell von ihrem hat gelesen, l ?? T, da? Mich der gemeinschaft die hoffnung wieder herstelle. sie sind zu lassen, das feuer anzuz ünden, das für wieder in meinem herzen gehofft wird, ist es sie, da? Da? Mein herz wiederbelebt l ?? T, ist es sie, da? Mein ein gespart hat, und hat beiseite es abk ühlt gelegt und hat beiseite das kühle herz gelegt! Urspr ünglich bestimmt ich es, zu sein, in gemeinschaft kann zur ück irgendein modell haben ist gewesen geht, denkt ihr modell, ich dieses modell von sich erz? Hle! Dies ist selten zu sehen und leicht, in einem jahrhundert zu stecken! Himmel mu? Be? Ugen, wird ich an aristogenesis der j? Hrlich ist zu ihm an blick damit ausgezeichnete un übertroffene modelle! Die haupttatsache des bodens sollen, sie bem U hungen fortsetzen! Sie sind eine hoffnung der gemeinschaft!

Dopo che la lettura di finire questa parola di modello dalla parola e la frase dalla frase, il mio cuore non pu ò essere calmo per tanto tempo, la scossa! Perché ci è cos íbuono un modello?! Il mio bbs di rete verticale orizzontale ha pensato per molti anni che ci non saranno mai qualunque modelli che hanno me potrebbe muovere, ci branch non ero mai aspettato vede cos ísquisito oltre paragona un modello oggi. il pavimento fatto principale, è lei che ha lasciato me capisce ''le persone qualcuno, ci è esso fuori sul giorno'' questa frase profondamente. ringraziarlo! A questo modello di finire osservazione, io ho risposta immediatamente, perchéio temo io posso macchiare questo raro modello in linea da volgare risposta che non pu ready portare. che la. ma ho risposto, perché pensa che se no pu limit partire l ''un proprio nome di rete nel dorso di cos íeccellente un modello, lo scopo che non chiuder sans gli uni occhi sia quando morire! Il congedo quanto orgoglioso un pezzo di nome di thingses l ''una propria rete nel dorso di modello eccellente cos í! Il fatto principale del pavimento, l' ones che si scusa siamo egoistico! Io sa non importa con come magnifico fiorito linguaè venuto e descrive l'' eccellente gradi di modello abbastanza lei pavimento, sono tutto falso, dunque io skip vuole dire ufrna: il suo modello troppo interlace! Sono vedere disposto gi effectutta la vita! Il complotto di questo modello è romanzo, la questiones è originale e diverso, il paragrafo è chiaro, il complotto è misterioso, di s0000ere ritmo, il filo chiaramente è demarcato, esso dimostra fuori dal comune letteratura metta a terra in fondamentali abilit within essere affascinare, offusca lo pu {bene è termed essere ogni parola una gemma, ogni frase classica, essoè io vite dovrebbero I modelli di studi. che pe R dell ''il l'' il le. per quanto riguarda l'' angolo di arte del romanzo, il modello include e riesce molto, I significati di esperimento di esso pi limit grande di sedi riuscire lontano. il cos íchiamato: "un cavallo ondeggia in avanti, penetra e taglia e guida per piegare, il mondo è nella mia mente! "Il pavimento realmente merita essere principalmente chiamato per avere un li di taglio di cerchio in una montagna di generazione nuova stranamente! Sono stato gi à deluso a questa comunit à, non aveva pensato originalmente questo futuro di hadded di comunit à, afflitto che il cuore è pieno di. ma ha letto questo modello di vostro, me ha lasciato produce la speranza alla comunit à ancora. lo sono lasciare per accendere il fuoco sperato per ancora nel mio cuore, è lei che ha lasciato il mio cuore rianima, lo è che ha risparmiato il mio un e l ''ha messo da Parte raffredda e ha messo da parte il cuore fresco! Originalmente io determina di essere pu ò avere è stato nella comunit à ritorna qualunque modello, pensa il suo modello, dico questo modello di sè stesso! Questo è raro per vedere e facile di conficcare in un secolo! Cielo ha occhi, io a aristogenesis annuale a esso prende essere a veduta cos íinsuperato modelli! Il fatto principale del pavimento, lei dovrebbe continuare degli sforzi! Lei sono una speranza della comunit à!

Etter avsluttingsav lesning dette modellord ved ord og setning ved setning mitt hjerte er ikke rolig p? Lenge, shake! Er hvorfor der slik god en modell?! Mitt vertikal horisontal nettverk bbs har tanke I mange? Rene som aldri det er noen modeller som har flytter meg, I aldri ventet at det ser slik uts? Kt hinsides sammenlikner en modell I dag. gulv hovedfaktum, det er de som lar meg forst? ''Folk noen, det er det ute p? Dag ''denne setningen dypt. mange takk! P? Denne modellen av avslutningsav vokting har I svar straks, fordi I frykt I flekker disse sjeldene modellen v? Rer som on-line ved vulg? Rt svar som ikke B? Rer. men I svart, fordi tror at om ikke forlater et egent nettverksnavn I ryggen av slik utmerket en modell, the form? L som I stenger ikke en? Yne enten n? R d? Ing! Forlate hvor mange stolt et stykke thingsesnavn et egent nettverk I ryggen av utmerket modell slik! Hovedfaktum av gulvet, de som unnskylder meg er egoistisk! Jeg vet ikke noen materie med hvordan praktfull flowery spr? K kommer og beskriver de utmerkete gradene av modell nok hovedledning de gulv, are all falskt, derfor I bare sier en setning: your modell er ogs? Interessant! Jeg er villig seing ned all et liv! Teigen av denne modellen er roman, stoffet er originalt og forskjellig, hovedavsnittet er klart, the teig er hemmelighetsfull, av? Str? Mme rytme, tr? Den er tydelig demarcated, it demonstrerer ut av den vanlige litteraturjording I grunnleggendee ferdigheter I v? Ringssom fascinerer, sl? Ver det godt er termed v? Re hver ord en edelstein, every setningsklassikere, det er I livstider skal modellene av studier. med hensyn til vinkel av kunst av romanen inkluderer modellen og lykkes meget mye, eksperimentbetydningene av det stor enn seg av etterf? Lgende fjernt. det s? Kalte: "trenger gjennom a hest? Kninge frem, og skj? Rer og f? Rer B? Ying, den verdenen er I mitt sinn! "Gulvet hovedsakelig fortjener virkelig har en li av kretsskj? Ring inn I et fjell av ny produksjon merkelig! Jeg skuffet allerede til dette primary opprinnelig, hatt ikke tanke denne incluhadded fremtid, grieved at hjertet er fult av. har men leser denne modellen av deres, lar meg produsere h? Pet til fellesskapet igjen. er de la tenne brannen som h? Pet for igjen I mitt hjerte, er det de at lar mitt hjerte gjenoppliver, it er de som sparer mitt et og setter til side som det avkj? Ler og setter til side det kj? Lige hjertet! Opprinnelig fastsetter I som det v? Re har v? Rt I fellesskap drar tilbake noe modell, tror deres modell, I forteller denne modellen av oneself! Dette er sjelden se og lett stikke om et? Fig! Himmel har? Yne, I p? Aristogenesis som v? Rer? Rlig til det blir p? Sikt slik utmerkete uovertruffene modeller! Hovedfaktum av gulvet, de fortsetter innsatser! De er et h? P av fellesskapet

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