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Windows system in the eyes of different people play a different role, in the eyes of the office it is a necessity, but in the eyes of gamers it is irreplaceable game equipment, even on the internet to see the video of the shallow players, it is indispensable entertainment. And Win8 's integration of new features, so that all users can find it in the eye.

Windows 8 is a production tool

Win8 is an office necessity.

This Windows 8 has a new kernel, and has been optimized and tuned again on the internal architecture, thereby raising the level of local system responsiveness and performance. For Office users, performance is a very important part, which will directly affect the efficiency and quality of the office, even a system of cotton or crash will make the previous work all in vain.

While the ipad and Android tablet are now able to implement some of the mobile office work, the real office platform is still in the traditional PC and still belongs to Windows. As a result, the gap between the mobile office and the underlying platform can only be bridged by Microsoft and Windows, which is what Windows 8 is all about.

Breaking the boundaries of tablet and PC computer knowledge

On the one hand, the advent of Windows RT really moved the traditional operating system to the mobile platform, on the other hand, Win8 's new UI design can seamlessly interface with Windows RT, is the entire platform to complete, but no longer broken two parts. Office users can install the same application on their WINRT tablet and Win8, allowing work on any platform to continue on another platform.

In addition, there is a concept that can not be mentioned about WIN8, that is cloud. Win8 's cloud is almost ubiquitous, and users can call their files anytime and anywhere via SkyDrive cloud storage services, using Microsoft accounts to sync their most accustomed office systems on any WIN8 computer, and by Win8 Cloud to sync their messages in the system. Calendar and Networking News.

SkyDrive-led new cloud office model

Office 2013 across platform limits

In general, Win8 has made great changes in the office, in addition to providing better performance, but also makes mobile office really meaningful, and its efforts in the cloud services to the office from the local to the cloud. Win8 the original services through the cloud to reorganize, so that the original division of the Office platform to form a whole.

Win8 is the base of the game.

In addition to the traditional advantages of office, Win8 's care for gaming entertainment users is unprecedented. A major feature of this Win8 is the introduction of a new Windows Store application store, an open store with applications from Microsoft and Third-party developers, including games, entertainment, tools, news, books and audio and video tools.

Windows Store Application Store

A large number of software providers publish software directly to the Windows store for users to download, including traditional desktop software. This eliminates the hassle of users accessing each of their own website downloads, and is also more secure than a third-party download station, as the application to the Windows Store has been strictly regulated by Microsoft.

For game enthusiasts, Win8 is a version that can not be missed. At present, WIN8 compatibility has been greatly improved, the major game manufacturers also for Win8 made a lot of optimization, so that the traditional game more smoothly run on the Win8.

The new masterpiece is to support Win8.

Of course, Win8 's game-oriented improvements are more than that. With the release of Win8, the first games will be on the line together, these games are from the hands of major game manufacturers, including the "Angry Birds," the famous Rivio and the Gameloft. Most of these games are from Microsoft Studio and include some Win8 exclusive games. Users can download these games in the "Games" app and App Store in Win8.

Win8 version of Angry Birds

As we all know, Microsoft has never been a weak player because of the Xbox. The most popular gaming platform in the world now covers almost every masterpiece and resource. Now, WIN8 also supports the Unity 3D game engine (the most popular platform-wide mobile game development engine) as the main engine of the platform game, combined with the previous XNA and SILVERLIGHT,WIN8 platform will receive a lot of high-quality game resources.

Win8 Xbox gaming Platform

This shows that whether it's for office users, for mildly entertaining users, and for gamers, Win8 can show great affinity, and this inclusiveness is not overnight, and it takes decades of billions of users to summarize the accumulated experience and data that only Microsoft can achieve.

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