Filecache parameters on the hp-ux11.31 Operating System: filecache_max and filecache_min,

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Filecache parameters on the hp-ux11.31 Operating System: filecache_max and filecache_min,

Default value:
Filecache_min-approximately 5% of physical memory
Filecache_max-approximately 50% of physical memory


The function of this parameter is similar to filesystemcache In the aix operating system. The operations involved in the following file system will cause the file system buffer to directly occupy the physical memory:

1. rman backup script backup to the file system, 2. expdp export to file system, 3. export to file system, 4. upload and download large files on hp-ux (or aix) Over ftp.


Some people may wonder: how can I check the physical memory occupied by the file system buffer? The method is to use the glance command of the hp-xu operating system:

Glance press ENTER

After you press m, you can see it.


Therefore, in the High memory utilization on HP-UX 11.31 due to parameter "filecache_max" [ID 1264915.1] Article, we recommend the following:

SolutionReduce the value of filecache_max into 5% to 10% of physical memory since Oracle database server has buffer cache enabled. If there is other application running on the box, reduce the value little by little to see if there is any performance problem.

We recommend that you set filecache_max to 10%, that is, filecache occupies up to 10% of the physical memory. However, in actual engineering practice, you can set filecache_min = 1% and filecache_max = 1%.


Note that the preceding parameters are parameters in the hp-ux11.31, and in 11.23, the following parameters are used to implement filecache: dbc_max_pct and dbc_min_pct

/ #kctune dbc_max_pctTunable      Value  Expression  Changesdbc_max_pct      5  5           Immed/ #kctune dbc_min_pctTunable      Value  Expression  Changesdbc_min_pct      1  1           Immed


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