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Think back to the school that will, after the examination, all to help the teacher register results, and then make a statistic, the data is dazzling, error prone. The following small series for everyone to introduce the use of WPS form the screening function can easily complete the statistical work of student achievement.

The automatic filtering operation of the WPS table is very simple, select any cell in the table, and perform the filter-AutoFilter command in the Data menu. At this point, a Drop-down button appears on the right side of each column heading.

Drop down button

Request A: List the scores of students with 98 points in English:

Operation steps: Click on the column title ' English ' Right Drop-down button, select the ' 98 ' in the Pull-down menu.

Note that at this time the English score is not 98 points of the students are hidden, not be deleted. The result of AutoFilter is to show only the rows that meet the specified criteria, and hide the rows that do not meet the specified criteria.

If you need to display all, follow the ' filter '-' Show All ' command in the ' Data ' menu.

Request B: List the scores of the students with political scores above 60 points:

Steps: Click on the column heading ' Politics ' right drop-down button, select ' Customize ' in Pull-down menu, popup ' Customize AutoFilter ' dialog box, select ' Greater than ', enter ' 60 ' and click ' OK '.

Requirement C: List of boys with a language score greater than 60 points and less than 85 score

Operation steps: Click on the column heading ' language ' to the right of the Drop-down button, select ' Customize ' in Drop-down menu, popup ' Custom AutoFilter ' dialog box, select ' greater than or equal ', enter ' 60 ', select ' with ' relationship, select ' Less than ', enter ' 85 ', click OK.

Click on the column heading ' Sex ' to the right of the dropdown button, select ' Male ', at this time, just click a few mouse clicks, meet the requirements of C results have been screened out.

The above is the use of WPS Table screening function to complete the statistical work of student scores. In fact, the method is very simple, as long as your basic mathematical knowledge is no problem, you can count the number of men and women you want to know different grades. I hope the above content is helpful to you.

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