Filter the knowledge base by using the data connection function between parts in the webpart.

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After two lists are created, if the two lists are referenced by each other, we often need to associate values. The webpart connection function of WSS can be used to manage the webpart, next I will use the "document category" in the knowledge base as the associated value to create a page to filter the Knowledge Base Based on the document category:

First, create a Web Part Page,

Save it in a document library and click Create;

Click "click Web parts" in the left column ",

Select and click Add


To add another knowledge base, you must add the "document category" column to the view. Otherwise, you cannot create associations later.


After the modification, click Edit web page to open the webpart modification page:

Click the small arrow above the document category to find the connection-provide the row to-Knowledge Base

In the pop-up window, select "keyword" and click the next page;

Click the next page and select the document category:

After clicking the button, a circular selection area is added to the view of the original document category.

At this time, click "User Manual" in the left-side window, and in the right-side window, all the document categories are displayed in the user manual knowledge base!

With this method, you can also perform many levels of association in the same page, enjoy!

In the WSS help file, Microsoft has such a case:

For example, you can create a project named"Customer orders"OfWebPart Page. You receive a call from a customer asking about the order. The customer cannot remember the order.IDBut remember the date when placing the order. You can useWebThe following operations are performed on the parts page.

By OrderIDOr, for this example, query the order by order date.

Display All orders by date.

Select the correct order based on the customer name, and find the Order details and customer details.

Select a detail in the order (in this example, the luminaire) and display the product picture to confirm the customer's problem.

Find the latest business news related to customer orders.

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