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Raneto Docs (open-source Knowledge Base building program), ranetodocs

Raneto Docs (open-source Knowledge Base building program), ranetodocs1. raneto Docs: a Raneto is a Markdown-based open-source node. the js knowledge base platform uses the Markdown file to store the knowledge base. Raneto can also be called a

Website personality and Style Design

If a person has his own unique style that is not available to ordinary people, the special style of the person will be noticed. If the style of the person is positive, it may even attract the envy and attention of others, or be appreciated. Just

Thinking about website construction from the angle of market

Website construction   Written in front: one of my predecessors told me that technology is never the most important, a designer who does not understand the market will always be a manual worker.In any case, art or technology for art or technology in

Personal Knowledge Management-a hot topic in Web2.0 technology

Significance of Personal Knowledge Management: Knowledge workers spend 1/3 of their time searching for information they never find. The reason for inefficiency in personal work is that the management of personal knowledge is not effective.

confluence5.8.10 installation and crack of Knowledge base system

has been to the knowledge base system is very concerned about, imagine such a scenario, the company's research and development data over the years as long as a search, the relevant knowledge points are all put in front, any king to take, think of

Website Color theory: Create your own website color scheme

In the first two parts of the color theory series, we mainly discuss the meaning behind the color and the terminology about color. Although this information is very important, I believe many people are very interested to know when to start the

101 metrics for a perfect website. Part 2. Content is king

Content is the most valuable part of a website. The only purpose of a user's access to your website is to obtain valuable content, rich content, and accurate content, the constantly updated content is three elements of a successful website. Of the 10

MVC5 website development-9 website settings and mvc5 website development settings

MVC5 website development-9 website settings and mvc5 website development settings Website configuration is generally used to save some website settings. It is more appropriate to write the configuration file than to write it in the database, because

The purpose of changing the link is to increase the external network and increase the weight of the website.

1. The purpose of exchanging links is to increase website traffic.This reason is not true at all. Based on years of tracking and research, we found that increasing website traffic through links is negligible or even negligible, if a website owner

Java Resources Chinese version (awesome latest version)

Awesome series of Java resource collation. Awesome-java is the list of Java resources that AKULLPP initiates maintenance, including: Build tools, databases, frameworks, templates, security, code Analysis, logs, third-party libraries, books, Java

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