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Significance of Personal Knowledge Management:

Knowledge workers spend 1/3 of their time searching for information they never find. The reason for inefficiency in personal work is that the management of personal knowledge is not effective. Numerous tools, technologies, and knowledge storage points lead to the distribution of methods and methods for acquiring and storing knowledge, which ultimately affects the efficiency of our work. Personal Knowledge Management is an effective means for every knowledge worker to build their own core competitiveness and improve their own. Effective management of their own knowledge is conducive to their ability to work in the workplace and ultimately improve themselves.


Definition of Personal Knowledge Management:

Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) has various versions, but its essence is to help individuals improve their work efficiency, integrate their own information resources, and improve their competitiveness. Through Personal Knowledge Management, the various materials and readily available information owned by an individual can be converted into more valuable knowledge, so as to ultimately benefit their work and life. In fact, everyone has knowledge management in their work, study, and life. However, personal knowledge management (PKM) is still in ignorance, if we can manage our personal knowledge more consciously in our daily work, PKM is a very simple task.


Principles of Personal Knowledge Management

1. simple and effective: simple and easy to implement and promote can truly achieve results
2. economic principles: there is no need for additional principles
3. Centralized and scattered: although the sources and portals of information are diverse, my personal expectation is that all information can be taken into account on a platform.


Personal learning networks and learning approaches
1. Self-learning and participation in training
2. Interpersonal Network: Everyone's interpersonal network is an important way for individuals to learn knowledge. In interpersonal communication, you can learn a lot of knowledge that books and software cannot learn-tacit knowledge. If your interpersonal circle is wider, the quality of the people you interact with is better, the more you learn, the more difficult it is to obtain and maintain the Interpersonal Network. However, after you build the network, it is often an important source for you to obtain the most direct and in-depth knowledge. Therefore, our suggestion is: Expand your contact circle, and become friends with Plato, more friends, more communication and discussion, and improve yourself.
3. My media: no matter what you do, there will be related media. You should focus on learning from these media.
4. Internet: the Internet is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It is also an important tool for people to learn. It is an important symbol of modern people to make full use of the powerful functions of the Internet. The Internet has a lot of knowledge. If you want to use the Internet for learning, you must make good use of search engine tools. Do you probably say I still don't use the search engine? I use Google every day! However, I suggest you take some time to study the functions of the search engine, because Google also has many skills, why are there so many differences between the content you want to search and the content you actually search for? Why can't you find the information that some people can find, why are you using the same thing longer than others? Make full use of your IE favorites and classify them (this is very important.ArticleAnd regularly back up your favorites. "What? I don't know how to back up ie favorites. "sorry, go to Microsoft's website and check it out!


Establish a Personal Knowledge System Structure


Personal Knowledge Management
1. interpersonal resources (such as the contact's address book, characteristics and expertise of each person)
2. Communication Management (correspondence, email, fax, etc)
3. Personal time management tools (transaction reminders, to-do matters, and personal memos)
4. Network Resource Management (website management and connection)
5. File and file management

Personal Knowledge Management Method: We recommend that you use the powerful functions of outlook.

Personal File Management: Classification and quick retrieval of files on your machine. Different people have different situations, so the categories of your personal knowledge base are also different. Everyone's knowledge base classification cannot be achieved in one step. In practice, it is possible to find the best classification method for their own knowledge base. Therefore, the first step is: Just do it!


Three phases of Knowledge mastery:
1. I know that at this stage, I generally have theoretical knowledge (explicit knowledge ).
2. I will use it: At this stage, I will accumulate some experience and lessons (tacit knowledge ).
3. Flexible Use.


some websites about personal knowledge management:
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Communication Management 365kit ( )
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network resource management blog
file and file management 365key ( )
360doc ( )

Read island personal portal (Http://
My online home (Http://
Google personalized homepage (Http://


Revolution in Personal Knowledge Management: Net snippets + MSN Search
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The following content is referenced from yungu
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1. Contact Management)
1. E-business cards: the business cards recorded after communication are electronic, permanently saved, and one-way; including business cards updated.
2. Feature memo: maintain regular and irregular communication. Important demands, events, and relationship investments are recorded in one record.
3. Resource Analysis: a simple analysis of contacts to clarify the customer direction.
4. Massive groups: divides massive contacts into groups as detailed as possible, making it easy to search.
5. Precise retrieval: when an event is triggered, the channel and contact can be quickly located. Fast Time and high matching success rate.
My software is dreammail, a PDA mobile phone, and SNS 2.0 (including linkist and wealink ).

2. Content Management)
1. knowledge classification: Build a personal knowledge base, consciously and actively engage with new knowledge, and enrich the knowledge structure.
2. Document management: documents and materials for personal work, life, and study should be archived on a regular basis. Burn the disc and save it permanently for examination. Create a personal archive.
3. Project Management: conducts phased classification and sorting of processes and documents necessary for ongoing work, life, and study projects and process control.
4. personal blogs: classify, store, and communicate with others in order to enrich yourself and improve your cultivation.
This cm, I use mobile hard drives, PDA mobile phones, and networksCommunity(Home, footprint, etc ).

3. Time Management)
1. Calendar management: it is based on days, including schedules, reminders, time balancing, and post-event records.
2. Task Management: The task is measured in weeks, including the importance and urgency structure analysis, task process control, and information record.
3. Plan Management: at the end of the month, we will summarize the work, life, and study of the month and formulate various plans for the next month.
4. Life Management: quarterly, annual career goals, life goals, and learning goals. Daily challenging work, misorganized life, and self-satisfied Learning.
This TM, my software is redbox, which assists with outlook and PDA mobile phones.

Iv. Information Management)
1. Information channels: Establish a URL manager, and accumulate various information channels, knowledge tools, and retrieval tools, sort them in the book, and evaluate the credit grade.
2. Daily views: N websites that must be viewed every day.
3. Regular access: N websites that must be visited regularly and irregularly.
This im, my software is urlbase 6 pro, to assist RSS readers with Maxthon browsers and dreammail.

My personal knowledge management cannot be organized and operated as mechanically. However, structured self-management brings me great changes, more efficient, more planned, and more sense of accomplishment. Very good!



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