Find the right machine learning algorithm faster

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Preface: Machine learning is undoubtedly now a big hot spot, and Microsoft provides machine learning services in Azure. So how do you find the right machine learning algorithm faster? Microsoft has also provided advice to you.

With the deep application of big data, machine learning has gradually come into the industry from academia, and now e-commerce, social, advertising, intelligent hardware have machine learning figure. Microsoft, a company with deep research capabilities, not only provides machine learning services in Azure, but also provides an online tool called Azure Machine Learning Studio to make learning and learning more convenient.

This tool provides a number of algorithms that you can use in your own analytics solution, which are broadly categorized into the following categories: Regression, collation, aggregation, anomaly detection. Each of these algorithms is designed to solve specific problems encountered in machine learning. So the question is, how do you choose the right algorithm for your problem? Microsoft provides us with a good guide inMicrosoft Azure machine learning algorithm Cheat Sheet. This is a selection flowchart, the approximate process text is described as follows:

    1. Do you want to predict the future data points
    2. If no, then select the aggregation algorithm (only the k nearest neighbor algorithm is optional)
    3. If so, see if you want to predict whether the classification or the value
    4. If it is a value, then you need to go to the algorithm of the regression category to choose
    5. If the classification, but also see the number of categories
    6. More than two classes, you need to go to the multilevel classification of the algorithm to choose
    7. Less than two classes, to the anomaly detection algorithm to choose
    8. is equal to two classes, go to the two class classification of the algorithm to choose

Of course, the entire flowchart is far from the simple text can be fully explained, interested in-depth study of readers can "read the original" To access the document Introduction page. In this page, there is also a pdf download of this flowchart.

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Find the right machine learning algorithm faster

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